terminology quiz week 8*

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  1. agglutin/o
    • clumping
    • gluing
  2. agglutination
    process of clumping
  3. -ation
  4. erythr/o
  5. granul/o
  6. granulocyte
    cell containing granules
  7. hem/o
  8. hemophobia
    fear of blood
  9. hematoma
    blood tumor
  10. immune/o
    • immune
    • immunity
    • safe
  11. immunology
    study of immunity
  12. leuk/o
  13. leukemia
    • white blood condition
    • elevated white blood cell count and very low red blood cell count
  14. lymphaden/o
    lymph gland
  15. lymphadenopathy
    disease of the lymph nodes
  16. myel/o
    • bone marrow
    • spinal cord
  17. myelogenic
    relating to the origin in bone marrow
  18. phag/o
    • swallowing
    • eating
  19. phagocyte
    cell that eats foreign material
  20. ser/o
  21. serology
    study of serum
  22. thromb/o
    blood clot
  23. thrombosis
    abnormal condition of blood clot
  24. -emia
    without blood
  25. -globin
  26. hemoglobin
    blood protein
  27. -graft
  28. autograft
    self transplantation
  29. leukocytosisosis
    abnormal increase in white (blood) cells
  30. -osis
    • abnormal condition
    • increase used primarily in blood cells
  31. -penia
    • decrease
    • deficiency
  32. erythropenia
    abnormal decrease of red blood cells
  33. -phylaxis
  34. anaphylaxis
    against protection
  35. -poiesis
    • formation
    • production
  36. hemopoiesis
    formation of blood
  37. -stasis
    standing still
  38. hemostasis
    standing still of blood
  39. sickle cell
    inherited anemia that causes RBCs to become crescent or sickle shaped when oxygen levels are low
  40. Iron Deficiency
    Lack of sufficient iron in RBCs
  41. cause of iron deficiency
    greater demand for stored iron than can be supplied
  42. cause of sickle cell
    caused by a defect in the gene responsible for hemoglobin synthesis
  43. ascites
    fluid collects within the peritoneal or pleural cavity
  44. bacteremia
    bacteria traveling in the blood stream
  45. hemostasis
    control of bleeding
  46. blood culture
    test to determine the presence of pathogens in the bloodstream
  47. Septicemia
    • Occurs when bacteremia results in systemic infection
    • (Septic/Sepsis)
  48. Aplastic (hypoplastic) anemia
    serious form of anemia associated with the bone marrow failure and resulting in erythtopenia, leucopenia and thrombosytopenia.
  49. Folic-Acid Anemia
    Inability to produce sufficient RBC due to the lack of folic acid, a B vitamin essential for erythrpoiesis
  50. -poiesis
    • formation
    • production
  51. Hemolytic anemia
    destruction of RBCs commonly resulting in jaundice
  52. complete blood count (CBC)
    • Blood Test that includes:
    • Hemoglobin
    • Hematocrit
    • Red and white blood counts
    • Platelet count
    • Differential count
  53. activated partial thromboplastin time
    • APTT        PTT
    • test that measures the length of time it takes blood to clot to screen for deficiencies of some clotting factors
  54. Prothrombin Time
    • PT
    • test to measure the time it takes of the prothrombin to form a clot
  55. hematocrit
    • percent of blood that  erythrocytes (RBCs)
    • Males - 40-54%
    • Females - 37-50%
  56. hemoglobin
    the red pigment in blood that carrying O2 and contains iron
  57. erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    blood test to determine the "Sed Rate" Which is the amount of RBCs that settle in the bottom of a test tube in one hour. The test shows presence of infection, the more settled the worse the infection.
  58. differential count
    the portion of each of the 5 types of WBCs in a sample of 100 WBCs
  59. Red Blood Cell
    • RBC
    • AKA erythrocytes
    • transports oxygen (O2) and carbon Dioxide (CO2
    • Contains Iron
  60. standing still
  61. formation
  62. Protection
  63. Decrease
  64. abnormal condition, increased
  65. blood clot
  66. serum
  67. swallowing
  68. transplant
  69. protein
  70. blood condition
  71. bone marrow
    spinal cord
  72. lymph gland (node)
  73. white
  74. immune
  75. blood
    • hem/o
    • hemat/o
  76. granule
  77. red
  78. clumping
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