Price discussion

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  1. Today i’ll talk about consumer prices in hong kong and sweden
    Gâm-jath ngó wuih góng gwân-jyû séoi-dín tùngh hôeng-góng ge sîu-fai gaa.
  2. I will compare some typical consumer products and what they cost in HK and Sweden.
    Jauh wuih Séoi-dín tùngh Hôeng-góng ge sîu-fai gaak gaa.
  3. Generally, prices in HK are higher than in Sweden.
    Jât-bûn sing, hái HK, dî gaa-cình gôu-dî
  4. Particularly house prices and rents are much higher.
    Jàuh-kèih, HK ge ük tùngh gûng-jyuh gaa gwai gwo hái séoi-dính hóu-dô.
  5. There are several reasons why the prices are higher .
    Jáuh géi-go léih-jàuh dím-gái hái HK dî ûk gaa gôu gwo hái Séoi-dín.
  6. We don’t have so many rich people as in Hong Kong and Sweden has much more space than Hong Kong.
    Séoih-din béi HK jáuh síu-dî jáuh-cín-jành, jauh jáuh hóu-dô deih.
  7. Other things that are much more expensive in HK is food, especially cheese, butter, milk, youghurt.
    Zungh-jáuh, hái HK, zî-sí, ngàuh-náaih, ngàuh-jàuh, jýuh-lok dôu gwai gwo hái Séoi-dín.
  8. Things that needs to be imported to HK in low quantities.
  9. There are things that are more expensive in Sweden.
    Séoi-dín jáuh dî-jé gwai gwo hái Hêong-góng.
  10. Minimum salaries in Sweden are much much higher in low income classes compared to HK…
    Séoih-din zeoi-dâi gûng- zî gôu gwo HK hóu-dô
  11. So, manual labour, such as domestic helpers, carpenters, mechanics etc is much more expensive in Sweden.
  12. Prices in Sweden are more transparent, which means that are the same almost anywhere you buy an item.
  13. In Hong Kong, prices can vary a lot between shops.
    Though I don’t know why it is like that.
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