Biology- Cell

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  1. Cell Theory
    • •All living
    • things are composed of one or more cells

    • •Cells are the smallest unit
    • of life

    • •New cells come
    • only from pre-existent cells via cell division
  2. Dissecting Microscope
    For larger objects, uses mirrors
  3. Compound Light Microscope
    For smaller objects, uses different objectives
  4. Prokaryote
    Simple cell , no nucleus
  5. Eukaryotes
    Complex cells, DNA enclosed in membrane bound nucleus
  6. Bacteria
    Small cell, very abundant most are not harmful
  7. Arachea
    Small cells, less abundant found in extreme in environments
  8. Nucleoid Region
    Where DNA is found
  9. Plasma Membrane
    Enclose the cytoplasm
  10. Cell wall
    Provides support and protection
  11. Glycocalyx
    Outer covering
  12. Flagella
    Allows bacteria to swim
  13. Pili
    Allow bacteria to attach the surfaces
  14. Cytoplasma
    Site of metabolism
  15. Ribosome
    Synthesis polypeptides
  16. organelle
    Membrane bound compartment
  17. Nuclear Envelope
    double membrane that encloses the nucleus
  18. Nucleolus
    ribosome unit assembly
  19. Lysosome
    macromolecules are degraded
  20. Chromatin
    Complex of protein and DNA
  21. Cytosol
    Metabolic pathways
  22. Golgi
    Modification and sorting of protein and lipids
  23. Rough ER
    Site of protein sorting and secretion
  24. Smooth ER
    Detoxification and lipid synthesis
  25. Cytoskeleton
    Provides shape and aids in movement
  26. Mitochondria
    Site of ATP synthesis
  27. Chloroplast
    Site of photosynthesis
  28. Centrosome
    Microtubules grow and centroiles are found
  29. Nuclear Pore
  30. Central Vacuole
    Provides storage
  31. Vesicle
  32. Catalase
    Breaks down dangerous H2O2
  33. Binary Fission
    How mitochondria dna is divided
  34. Autophagy
    Recycling worn out organelles
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