Death and Dying 1st test.

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  1. Extreme Dualist (sect. 1)
    Many extreme dualist are religious but do not believe in God. (i.e. reincarnation as an example).
  2. Dualistic Interaction (sect. 1)
    The metaphysics of death as an event in life.
  3. Hume:
    I look inward but never stumble upon myself". insightful, but sloppy
  4. Generic dualist (sect. 1)
    A wedge between physical and mental.
  5. Extreme Dualism vs. Moderate Dualism (sect. 1)
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  6. Difference between mental and physical (sect. 1)
    If physical passes, mental could still exist.
  7. Materialist (sect 2)
    States of consciousness are identical to brain states.
  8. Extreme Materialist vs. Moderate Materialist (sect. 2)
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  9. Qualia (sect. 2)
    Inner sensations (sounds, smells, sights, tastes, touching)
  10. A person could know what God is like. . . . (sect. 2)
    but could never know what it is like to be God.
  11. Behaviorees (??)(sect. 2)
    • "Smith believes there is a fire near by."
    • vs.
    • "Smith has relation "B" to "there is a fire nearly as a sentence in English". -self refuting
  12. Sect. 1 and 2 problem is . . . .(sect. 3)
    they are a Pseudo - problem.
  13. Logical Positivism (sect. 3)
    • Meaning = truth value
    • -Impurest
    • -meaning I view or pro-positive life is meaningful by said experiences.
    • 1. No one living today will be alive tomorrow.
    • 2. I will survive bodily death.
    • *Verification theory
    • *Falsifiability of meaning: Falsified vs. Verified.
    • 3. Some persons are not immortal.
    • 4. Every person has his or hear price.
    •          -R.B. Bratway
    • meaningless is the positivist.
  14. Extreme Dualism (sect. 4)
    • Disembodied minds 
    • - H.H.Price is a theist, appears to be a socialist.
    • Coherent to be plausible to be correct.
    • *Mental images - neologisms
    • *Idioplasmic
    • *Imagery: either other worlds exist (with each other) but not our own current place.
    • * Next world is a state of mind.
    • *Moral of the new world are brought from old world & desire world form it to the way you went out (?)
    • *Karma, personality stays.
    • *No moral growth
  15. Paul Evens (sect. 4)
    • Moderate materialist.
    • deflationary creteg  --> ontonlogical explorers
    • - deflate them
    •      - he thinks they are looking for what death looks like from the dead.
    • "Mysteria of death" = fake
    • We know why most people die.
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