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  1. ERK signaling paper (Umesco)
    • ERK and Wnt/B-catenin signaling pathways needed for regeneration in PLANARIUM
    • B-catenin inhibition shows an increase in DjmkpA expression, which is involved with ERK signaling adn head formation
  2. DjmkpA:
    induced via ERK signaling, involved in negative feedback loop w pERK to control blastema cell differentiation
  3. Djnkd:
    expression found in head region
  4. Fig 1
    • HEAD REGENRATION: B catenin may directly affect ERK signaling levels, as seen w DjmkpA and B-cat RNAis
    • High levels of DjmkpA at head
    • Levels INCREASED with B-catenin RNAi (loss of B-catenin)
    • with Erk inhibitor: LOW DjmkpA expression
    • With APC (B-catenin /Wnt signaling inhibitor): also LOW DjmkpA expression
  5. Fig 2
    • PHARYNGEAL regions: Grading of ERK activation seen along prephar & phar regions b/w head & tail
    • Adding ERK inhibitor U0126 in multiple concentrations shows to be involved with patterning of anterior-posterior patterns during REGENERATION
    • Adding LOW amt of inhibitor blocked phar formation, and showed LOWER DjmkpA expression in that region
    • Adding HIGH inhibitor blocked phar, AND HEAD formation
    • qRT-PCR looked at gene expression
    • DjmkpA: Increased at ANTERIOR and BLOCKED with ERK inhibitor!!
    • DjAbD-Ba gene expression: Increased at POSTERIOR, NOT blocked with ERK inhibitor
  6. Fig 3
    • Djndk RNAi used to show involvement in ERK activation (thru change in DjmkpA expression)
    • Djndk RNAi increased Djmkpa expression
    • Djndk RNAi showed LOSS of Pharyngeal identity: Decreased levels of DjPN8
    • Erk INhib Showed loss of pharyngeal FOXa expression, BUT: Djnkd RNAi worked with inhib to RESTORE Pharanygeal FoxA expression
  7. Fig 4
    • B-cat RNAi Decreased Fox EXPRESSION: shows B-catenin and ERK are involved w each other in regeneratin PHARYNGEAL CELLS
    • B-cat RNAi decreased DjmkpA expression
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