Biology Biomolecules Test review

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  1. what do proteins contain?
    • Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
    • (CHON)
  2. Image UploadWhat are the 4 enzyme parts?
    And label them.
    • Image Upload
    • Carboxyl
    • Amino Acids
    • Single Hydrogen
    • R group
  3. What elements does Nucleic Acid Contain?
    • Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus
    • (CHONP)
  4. What 2 nucleic acids are there
    DNA and RNA
  5. What are made of many small repeating molecular units?
    What are these units called?
    • Polymers
    • Nucleotides
  6. What does the Deoxyribose contain?
    • 5-Carbon sugar molecules
    • a Phosphate group
    • 1 of 4 nitrogen bases
  7. the backbones of DNA.

    The 4 DNA gene constructors:
    TCAG- which and which can only be together
    • double helix
    • TA and CG
  8. Nucleic acids-
    1. building blocks of the nucleic acids are ________.
    2. Nucleic acids store and transmit __________.
    3. Are ____________.
    • nucleotides
    • genetic information
    • macromolecules
  9. What elements do Lipids contain
    • Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
    • (CHO) NOT in 1:2:1 ratio
  10. Image Upload2 building blocks of lipids
    locate them
    • Image Upload
    • Fatty acids and glycerol
  11. What are lipids?
    fats (cant dissolve in water)
  12. Image Upload
    If the lipid has a single carbon bond, then the lipid is _____________.
    an example would be
    • saturated fat
    • butter
  13. Image UploadIf the lipid has a double carbon bond, then the lipid is _____________.
    an example would be ...
    • unsaturated
    • vegetable oil
  14. What is a phospholipid?
    When replacing one of the fatty acid molecules with a phosphate molecule
  15. what are lipids used for?
    • cushion organs
    • form waterproof coverings (in plants)
    • store energy
  16. What are carbs made of?
    (CHO)Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio
  17. examples of carbs (optional:and short definition)
    • sugars- stores energy
    •  starches- plants store glucose in for of starch
    •  cellulose- a bunch of glucose molecule bonds together
  18. what are carbs used for?
    structural support and quick energy
  19. What are the 3 groups Carbs are classified in and what do they mean?
    • Image UploadImage UploadImage UploadMonosaccharaides- contain 1 molecule of sugar
    • (mono- one
    • saccharides- sugar)
    • Disaccharides- 2 sugar molecules put together

    Polysaccharides- many sugar molecules put together
  20. Difference between Polar and Nonpolar
    • Polar ( LOVES Water)
    • nonpolar (Avoids water)
  21. long chains of amino acids are called -
  22. In amino acids, the "R" group is just a filler. What does that space provide?
    Determination of the amino acid's function
  23. Enzymes regulating chemical process
  24. source of all energy
  25. examples of monosaccharaides
    glucose, fructose, and galactose

    (mono- in one- and if a monster is one, then he's single. and why is he single. Because he's GGF. Gross, Green, Fat. (Glucose, Fructose, and Galactose)
  26. examples of Polysaccharides
    starch, cellulose, glycogen
  27. what is sucrose?
    • disaccharides-
    • glucose and fructose
  28. glucose and fructose are similar but what's different about them? what do they share in common?
    • the structure.
    • Glucose has one Ch2OH
    • fructose has 2 of that in the molecule

    both monosaccharaides
  29. what is cellulose?
    polysaccharide- a bunch of glucose molecules
  30. in what form do plants store energy?
    • plants= starch
    • humans= glycogen
  31. CHON+R group?
  32. what synthesizes proteins?
    amino acids
  33. What is sulfur found in?
  34. Glucose Polymers:
    • 1. Starch
    • 2. Glycogen
    • 3. Cellulose
    • (way to remember- poly means many and on Christmas you get many gifts. Santa (starch) brings Goodies/Gifts (glycogen) and eats our Cookies (cellulose)--Santa, Goodies, Cookies.)))))))))
  35. Example of Disaccharides
    --and what is it made of?
    • sucrose
    • made of: Glucose and Fructose
  36. serves as a strengthening tissue in the cell wall of plants
  37. building blocks of Carbs
    monosaccharaides (simple sugars) 
  38. 3 types of lipids
    fats, oils, lipids
  39. Image UploadWhat molecule is this?
    Sugar molecule
  40. Image UploadWhat type of chemical bond is illustrated?
    a peptide bond
  41. Image Uploadwhat is this?
    amino acid
  42. Image Uploadwhat is this?
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