Anterior Triangle of Neck

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  1. Stylohyoid
    • Innervation: Facial Nerve [VII]
    • Function: Pulls hyoid bone upward in a posterosuperior direction
  2. Digastric (anterior belly)
    • Innervation: Mylohyoid nerve from inferior alveolar branch of mandibular nerve [V3]
    • Function: opens mouth by lowering mandible, raises hyoid bone
  3. Digastric muscle (posterior belly)
    • Innervation: Facial Nerve [VII]
    • Function: Pulls hyoid bone upward and back
  4. Mylohyoid muscle
    • Innervation: mylohyoid nerve from inferior alveolar branch of mandibular nerve [V3]
    • Function: Support and elevation of floor of mouth, elevation of hyoid
  5. Geniohyoid muscle
    • Innervation: Branch from anterior ramus of C1 (carried by hypoglossal nerve XII)
    • Function: fixed mandible elevates and pulls hyoid bone forward; fixed hyoid pulls mandible downward and inward
  6. Sternohyoid muscle
    • Innervation: anterior rami of C1 to C3 through ansa cervicalis
    • Function: Depresses hyoid bone after swallowing
  7. Omohyoid muscle
    • Innervation: Ant. rami of C1-C3
    • Function: Depresses and fixes hyoid bone
  8. Thyrohyoid muscle
    • Innervation: Fibers from anterior ramus of C1
    • Function: Depresses hyoid bone, but when hyoid is fixed, raises larynx
  9. Sternothyroid muscle
    • Innervation: ant. rami C1-C3
    • Function: draws larynx downward
  10. Thyroid Gland
    • Anterior neck right below the thyroid cartilage
    • Deep to sternohyoid, sternothyroid, and omohyoid muscles
    • Arterial Supply: Superior thyroid artery and inferior thyroid artery (branch of thyrocervical trunk off of the subclavian artery)
    • Venous drainage: Superior thyroid vein and middle and inferior thyroid veins
  11. Multinodular Goiter
    • Most common thyroid pathology
    • Diffuse irregular enlargement of the thyroid gland with areas of thyroid hypertrophy and colloid cyst formation
  12. Submental Triangle
    Contains: submental lymph nodes, tributaries forming anterior jugular vein
  13. Submandibular Triangle
    Submandibular Gland, lymph, hypoglossal nerve, mylohyoid nerve, facial artery and vein
  14. Carotid Triangle
    • Tributaries to the common facial vein
    • Cervical branch of facial nerve
    • common carotid
    • whole bunch of other shit i'm too lazy to write
  15. Muscular Triangle
    Sternohyoid, omohyoid, sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, thyroid and parathyroid glands, pharynx
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