Muscles of lower body and Abdomen

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  1. What is this white line called?
    Linea Alba
  2. What Muscle is this?
    External Abdominal Oblique Muscle
  3. Where is the External Abdominal Oblique?
    • - Ventral and lateral thoracic wall
    • - The Lateral abdominal wall 
  4. What Muscle is this?
    The Rectus Abdominis
  5. Where is the Rectus Abdominis Located?
    • The abdomen "six pack", on either side of linea alba
  6. What Muscle is this?
  7. Where is the Semitendinosus located?
    • Straplike muscle lies medial to biceps femoris and lateral to semimembranous
  8. What is this muscle? (It is the deep muscle)
    The Semimembranosus Muscle
  9. Where is the Semimembranosus muscle located?
    • Deep under the biceps femoris and gracilis
  10. What muscle is this? (It is the superficial muscle)

    Biceps Femoris
  11. Where is the Biceps Femoris?
    • The longest widest muscle on the lateral side of thigh
  12. What muscle is this?
    Middle Gluteal
  13. True or False? The Medial Gluteal is cranial to the superficial Gluteal.
    • True
  14. What muscle is this?
    Superficial Gluteal
  15. What muscle is this? 
    Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle
  16. Where is the Tensor Fasciae Latae?
    • Triangle-shaped muscle "7" looking on the lateral side of thigh
  17. What muscle is this?
    Sartorius Muscle
  18. Where is the Sartorius Muscle?
    • Located on cranial and craniomedial
    • surface of thigh.
  19. What Muscle is this?
    The Gracilis
  20. Where is the Gracilis Muscle?
    • Large, wide, flat muscle covers caudomedial
    • surface of medial thigh
  21. What muscle is this? (Deep muscle)
    Quadriceps Femoris
  22. Where is the Quadriceps Femori located?
    • Deep Under the Tensor Fasciae Latae and Sartorius
  23. What Muscle is this?
  24. Where is the Gastrocnemius Located
    • In the hindlimb of the animal.

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