world lit vocab

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  1. pandemic
    a universal disease widely distributed affecting a large region
  2. pantology
    the view of all human knowledge
  3. pantheism
    the doctrine that identifies god with the universe
  4. loquacious
  5. circumlocution
    a round about manner of speaking
  6. colloquy
    a conversation, a dialogue; a disscussion
  7. apathy
  8. antipathy
    an aversion; a dislike; being opposition to
  9. empathy
    intellectual identification of ones feelings with another
  10. anethesia
    a loss of sensibility to external impression
  11. anarchy
    a loss of government in a society; lawless disorder in a country
  12. achromatic
    free from color. transmit light without decomposing it
  13. agnostic
    one who believes that god and life here after can neither be proved or disproved
  14. pandemonium
    a wild up roar or disorder
  15. panacea
    a remedy for all ills
  16. pantomorphic
    pliable; can assume all form
  17. colloquial
    characteristics of or suitable to a familiar conversation
  18. elocution
    a style of speaking or reading allowed
  19. grandiloquent
    to yell or scream
  20. pathogenic
    capable of producing disease
  21. anomaly
    an irregularity; a deviation from ordinary
  22. anodyne
    anything that relives pain or distress
  23. anonymous
    without a name
  24. anosmia
    the absence or loss of the sense of smell
  25. pantoscopic
    see everything
  26. panchromatic
    sensitive to all color
  27. panoply
    a full suit of defensive armor
  28. interlocution
    a dialogue; conversation
  29. eloquent
    to express yourself clearly and effectively
  30. magniloquent
    speaking in a bombastic style
  31. osteopathy
    therapy that restores health through the use of skeleton and muscle
  32. psycopath
    someone with an antisocial personality disorder
  33. aphonia
    disorder of the vocal organs that results in the loss of voice
  34. anosmic
    have an impaired sense of smell
  35. pansophist
    a person who studies universal reasoning
  36. panegyric
    a formal expression of praise
  37. panorama
    an entire visual presentation
  38. obloquy
    a malicious verbal attack
  39. soliloquy
    a speech you make to yourself
  40. somniloquent
    to speak softly
  41. venriloquist
    a skill of speaking where voice appears to come from another source
  42. sympathy
    share the feeling others
  43. telepathy
    a sympathetic feeling by one mind of thoughts or feeling of another without communications
  44. atheism
    a doctrine or belief that there is no god
  45. aphonic
    being voiceless
  46. atrophy
    any weaking or degeneration of muscular strength
  47. anachronism
    a person or object who seems to be displaced
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