Math Chapter 2

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  1. conjecture
    unproven statement based on observations
  2. inductive reasoning
    when you find a pattern in specific cases and then write a conjecture for the general case
  3. counterexample
    specific case for which a conjecture is false
  4. conditional statement
    • logical statement that has 2 parts
    • hypothesis
    • conclusion
  5. if then form
    when conditional statement is proven
  6. converse
    • switch original
    • exchange hypothesis and conclusion
  7. inverse
    negative original
  8. contrapositive
    converse negative
  9. equivalent statement
    when 2 statements are both true or both false
  10. perpendicular
    if two lines intersect to form a right angle
  11. biconditional
    statement that contains if and only if
  12. deductive reasoning
    using facts, definitions, and laws of logic
  13. line perpendicular to a plane
    the line intersects the plane in a point and is perpendicular to every line in the plane that intersects it at that point
  14. proof
    logical argument that shows a statement is true
  15. two-column proof
    numbered statements and corresponding reasons that show an argument in a logical order
  16. theorem
    statement that can be proven
  17. complementary angles
    adding to 90
  18. supplementary angles
    adding to one 180
  19. symmetric
    mirror image
  20. reflexive
    equals itself
  21. transitive
    chain rule

    ex. a=b, b=c, so a=c
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