Phone Scripts

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  1. Referral approach
    Hi this is _______calling.  How is your day going?  I am calling on the recommendation of _______.  Real brief; we are a financial resource for businesses and individuals and  ______ had spoken highly of you and / or your business and thought that some of the areas we work in would be of value to you.  So what I’d like to do is get together to not only to share the scope of the work that I do, but also to position myself as an additional resource in whatever way is most comfortable.  So with that in mind, when is the least hectic part of your day to get together – mornings or afternoons.
  2. Getting past the gatekeeper?

    What is this regarding?
    It is a personal business matter.
  3. Getting Past the Gatekeeper:  

    Is he expecting your call?
    __________ asked me to give him a call and I promised him I would
  4. Getting Past the Gatekeeper:

    What company are you from?
    __________ asked me to give him a call and I promised him I would
  5. I have an advisor
    It would be naive of me to think that you didn't.  Most of my clients work with other advisers as well.  What they've all found after meeting with me is that my goal is to not undo any good work that your other adviser has done.  Rather, I will only share ideas that will enhance or compliment your current portfolio.
  6. My (accountant, lawyer, etc.) takes care of that.
    I can appreciate that.  Most of my clients also have an (attorney, accountant).  After meeting with me, they found that I was different.  Unlike their attorney, who has a law degree, or their accountant, who knows mostly about taxes, and the work that I do compliments the work that you do with your other professionals.  I would never undo any good work that another professional has done for you.
  7. I’m not doing anything until the economy gets better
    …what they realized after meeting with me was that having someone as an additional resource during these times to bring ideas and leadership to their situation was not only helpful; it was critical.
  8. I am busy (client referral)
    I appreciate you telling me that.  (referrer) said the same thing too.  However, (referrer) did give us 15 minutes of his time he recognized some valuable ideas that ended up having a significant impact on his business and family.  I can promise you as well that within 15 minutes we both knew if there was a benefit to continuing our discussion. Since you’re a busy person, when would be the least hectic part of your day  – mornings or afternoons?
  9. Send me some literature
    …what they found was that because brochures - by design - are generic, but their financial lives are specific, the face-to-face meeting was far more beneficial.
  10. I have it all done
    …what they found after meeting with me, that only one of two things can happen: 1) I’ll look at your new plan and agree that it is excellent, in which case you will be happy that we met or 2) I will come up with a way to enhance you plan, in which case you will be happy that we met.Or you can also ask…How do you mean?
  11. I am not interested
    May I ask why not?
  12. I don’t want to waste your time
    …what they found after meeting with me, that both of us recognized that building a professional relationship is never a waste of time.  Additionally, if we meet now, then when the timing is right, you’ll already be ahead of the game.
  13. I’m getting money in the future; call me in 6 months.  The time isn’t right
    …what they found after meeting with me in advance was, that looking at different ideas for what to do with the money – without pressure – allowed them to make better decision
  14. What is it that you do?
    Example 1:My firm is a full-service financial planning firm which means different things to different people.  And I am sure that you can appreciate that it isn't possible to explain all the areas we work in within a two-minute phone conversation.  What I can promise is that after a 15 minute meeting, you and I will both know if there is a benefit to continuing our conversation.I need you to be more specific....We focus on three areas:Asset protectionExpense analysisRisk managementThere are a lot of changes coming out of Washington, and  we’ve had the opportunity to see the “Green Book”… a several thousand page book that  contains some nuggets of information  about areas that are going to be targeted by Washington…And as you can probably guess/imagine, business owners are on that “Hit List”So what we’d like to is get together with you to go overWhat we’ve seenWhat we think is going to happenAnd offer some specific ideas that can help you protect and insulate yourself.So with that in mind…Example 2:Joe, I appreciate you asking. We are a full-service financial planning firm.  The reason planning is necessary is because of all the complexities that exist in Washington leaves most businesses and families vulnerable to catastrophic after-shocks when unforeseen things happen. With that in mind, I'd like to schedule an introductory meeting to understand your situation, educate you on our capabilities, and discuss the reason it is essential to partner with a firm like ours.  That way, if there is a fit, you can take advantage of us in whatever way is comfortable to you.a) You are still not telling me what exactly it is you do.Joe, as I’ve mentioned, we are a comprehensive financial services firm. As I am sure that you can appreciate; it is impossible to go through everything that we can possibly do for people in two minute phone conversation.b) I need more information before I take a meetingWe work in four main buckets: Risk Management, Expense Analysis, business continuity planning, and asset protection strategies. Joe, there has been a lot of changes coming out of Washington recently such as the health care bill and major tax law changes.  There are likely to be more changes coming down the pike that will most likely have a direct impact on your financial situation; even if  all the news doesn’t make the front pages of the paper.  We’ve had the opportunity to see the “Green Book”…a several thousand page book that  contains some nuggets of information about areas that are going to be targeted by Washington…Whether or not we have the privilege to work for you, everybody gets something out of meeting with me and I promise you that you will walk away with a couple of good ideas to make it worth both of our time.  Does that sound fair enough? Joe, you sound interested, so the best thing I can do for you is schedule a meeting with you to discuss your unique situation.  So, with that in mind are mornings or afternoons better for you?
  15. Is this about insurance / investments?
    That depends; as a planning firm, certainly we offer insurance / investments as well as a full portfolio of other services.  However before, we recommend anything specific, let’s get together so I can fully understand your situation.
  16. Closing the appointment

    Do this after you deliver the script and after responding to an objection or answering a question every time!
    Part 1:

    Is that fair enough? (no pause)  With that in mind….or

    With that in mind….

    Part 2:

    Are mornings or afternoons best for you?....Then suggest a time

    Is early in the week or the end of the week best for you? …Then suggest a time

    For a geographic call:  Example: We have a meeting in Salisbury at 2 on Thurs, are you available either that morning, or after 4?
  17. Make the appointment as solid as possible:
    Do me a favor, please take down my cell number, and if anything changes please give me a call.  Otherwise, I will see you on the......
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