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  1. Referral approach – Client
    John, you are in a unique position.  There are people that you care about that really need to go through a process similar to what we took you through.  You have protected your family through life insurance, you have a plan for financial independence, you have addressed your education savings goals, and your documents are complete.  I guarantee that if I polled 10 of your closest friends or business contacts, you and maybe one other person would be in this position.I found that in that select group of people…everyone will get something out of meeting with me.  Even those who have already done something about protecting their families and have a plan on how to retire with dignity find a meeting with me worth their while.  They may find new ways of saving on their taxes, learn new options for retaining key employees, or find a way to get a better value for their insurance dollars.  Everybody’s needs are different, but they all agree on one thing: they got something useful out of their meeting with me.The people who can really benefit from our process are independent business owners and professionals; especially those who have families.  I found that most of these folks have a lot to gain from taking a moment to meet with me.  They often work long hours to earn their income but they seldom take even a few minutes to think about how to manage it more effectively.Who are three people who come to your mind first?Let me show you the names of some people that I know that would benefit from meeting with me.
  2. First call referral approach
    Mr. Prospect, I could really use your help.  You are in a unique position in that there are people you know and some who you care about who could really benefit be going through our process.  I am on this mission because I know that most people do not have their planning done and it will never get done unless they meet with someone like me.  Would you mind taking a couple of minutes to go through this list and put a check mark next to any business that you know or any individual who you respect.  Also, if there are any bad people on the list, please just cross their names out.  Life is too short to deal with people you don’t want to deal with!  

    Sample conversation while they are going through the list (breaks tension)

    You would be shocked to learn how many families are left to be destitute and family businesses can’t continue because the breadwinner passes away or becomes disabled.  All you have to do is open the newspaper and read the obituaries where is says, “make checks payable for the benefit of ” to see what I mean.  It doesn’t mean that they didn’t love their families or care about their employee’s families.  It most likely means that they never had the opportunity to sit with a professional to help them work through these critical issues.

    Going for the gold!...Handwritten Names

    John, is there anybody who isn't on this list that should be?  I promise that everyone of them who gives us an opportunity to meet with will get something out if it.  With that in mind, could we take a couple of minutes to brainstorm the some names of people who might benefit from our process?  If you were going to host a Christmas Party or a wine tasting event, who would you want to make sure was invited?
  3. 30 second value statement
    "Do you know how most businesses have a CFO to help them manage their money?" ("Yes") "Well, what I do is work as a personal CFO for my clients to bring them ongoing confidence and clarity with regard to their financial lives."

    I make sure that people’s insurance and investment dollars are allocated in the most efficient and cost-effective way so they don't have to every worry again if they are making the correct financial decisions.

    I've found that - for most people - there is a gap between where they are and where they'd like to be in terms of their confidence toward their financial future. I enjoy helping my clients close that gap in their confidence, so that they feel more organized and in control of their financial lives."
  4. COI referral approach
    “You are in a unique position by being a trusted advisor.  What I mean by that is your clients will not make critical decisions without speaking with you first.  When it comes to financial planning, they won’t meet with someone like me unless they are encouraged by someone like you.  So, what I would like to do is partner with you to see if we can help 5 of your clients.  Everybody will get something out of meeting with me.  If I have one regret; it is not being able to convince people to get their planning done – and if it isn’t with me – that is ok.
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