Company History Healthgrades

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  1. When was Healthgrades founded?
  2. Who were the founders?
    Two brothers, Kerry Hicks and David Hicks
  3. What was Healthgrades original name?
    Specialty Care Network
  4. The function of Specialty Care Network?
    Physician practice management company
  5. When was the Patient Direct Connect website created?
  6. What is the Patient Direct Connect website's function?
    It connects patients to doctors based on their healthcare needs.
  7. How many hits does the PDC website get per day?
    3 million
  8. What else did the company operate?
    Better Medicine website, focused on wellness education
  9. What is the Healthgrades function?
    Provide objective information on clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction, to help consumers make an informed decision on choosing care from virtually any hospital in the nation.
  10. Why do consumers choose Healthgrades?
    We are recognized as the most comprehensive source of information on hospitals and doctors. Our online search filters help consumers research Dr's that suits their needs best.
  11. Who currently owns Healthgrades?
    Vestar Capital Partners, an investment company based in New York
  12. Current CEO and Kerry Hicks?
    The current CEO is Roger Holstein. Kerry Hicks is still involved in the business, and sits on the Board of Directors
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