B-757 / B-767 System MQF

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  1. 2.
    The B757/767 aircraft has what TWO types of Push Button switches
    Alternate Action and Momentary Action
  2. 13.
    What can cause a Compartment Temperature INOP light to annunciate
    Zone air Overheat or Fault in zone temperature controller
  3. 23.
    One Forward equipment cooling system Supply Fan operates at a time. What starts the Alternate Fan?
    Selecting the Alternate Equipment Cooling Fan to ALTN
  4. 24.
    What condition Automatically opens the Overboard Exhaust Valve?
    The Recirculation Fan fails
  5. 26.
    With the High Altitude Landing Switch OFF, what Cabin Altitude annunciates the CABIN ALTITUDE light and EICAS message?
    10,000 ft
  6. 33.
    What systems rely on Pneumatics?
    Air Conditioning/Pressurization and B767 Thrust Reverses
  7. 37.
    What could cause the ENGINE BLEED AIR OFF light to illuminate?
    • Bleed Air Overheat
    • Engine Shutdown
    • Respective Engine Fire Switch Pulled Out
    • Engine Bleed Air Switch selected OFF
  8. 41.
    What does the HI STAGE light indicate?
    Engine Bleed System Pressure is Excessive
  9. 42.
    What does the BLEED light indicate?
    Indicates BLEED AIR TEMPERATURE is excessive
  10. 44.
    What is indicated with an ENGINE BLEED AIR OFF light and L or R ENG BLEED OFF EICAS message illuminated?
    Engine Bleed Air Valve is CLOSED for a System Fault
  11. 46.
    What does the BLEED light indicate?
    Engine HPSOV and/or PRV valves are OPEN when they should be CLOSED
  12. 4.
    Corrections to reduce MAX EPR or N1 (767) limits when using WING Anti-Ice are based on Switch or Valve position?
    • (PW) Valve Position
    • (RR & 767) Switch Position
  13. 5.
    Corrections to reduce MAX EPR or N1 (767) limits when using ENGINE Anti-Ice are based on Switch or Valve position?
    Switch Position
  14. 7.
    Which aircraft displays a TAI bug on the N1 RPM display when Engine Anti-Ice is ON and only a single bleed source is available?
  15. 15.
    What condition displays the TAI bug on the N1 RPM display (not to be confused with the thermal anti-ice indication above the display)?
    When Engine Anti-Ice is ON and only a Single Engine bleed source is available
  16. electrical 6.
    What 3 conditions SHED the Utility Busses on a 757?
    • Engine Start
    • Generator Loss
    • Overload
  17. Elec 11.
    What are the power sources for the Ground Handling Bus?
    External Power or APU
  18. elec 12
    What is the Normal power source for the Ground Service Bus?
    Right Main AC
  19. elec 18.
    In flight, the Left Engine is shut down. What Electrical busses are lost?
    Both the Utility Busses
  20. Elec 22.
    What occurs if Standby Power selector is positioned to BAT?
    Disconnects Main AC & DC power from the Standby System
  21. elec 30.
    What occurs if a Bus Tie switch is manually opened?
    Flight Instrument switching will not occur
  22. elec 31.
    What occurs if a Bus Tie switch is manually opened?
    Flight Instrument switching AND DC Bus-Tie closure will NOT occur
  23. elec 33.
    What items are powered from the Ground Service Bus?
    • Two Main Battery Charges
    • Aft #1 E/E Cooling Fan
    • Left Forward Fuel Pump
    • Main Deck Cargo Lighting
  24. elec 35.
    Standby Power Selector in AUTO, if Left Main AC is lost, what occur?
    The Right Main DC bus powers the Left Main DC Bus, Standby DC Bus and Standby AC Bus through the Static Inverter
  25. elec 36.
    What are the possible power sources to the Center Busses?
    Left Main AC/DC or Standby/Battery system
  26. elec 37.
    What busses are powered if Both Main AC busses fail?
    • Hot Battery Bus
    • Battery Bus DC
    • Standby AC/DC Busses
  27. elec 42.
    Which busses are powered from the HDG?
    • Standby AC/DC busses
    • Hot Battery Bus
    • Battery Bus DC
    • Left and Right Transfer busses
    • Captains Flight Instrument Transfer bus
  28. elec 45.
    The loss of which bus or busses will cause the HDG to operate?
    The Left AND Right Main AC busses
  29. APU 30.
    What does the APU RUN light indicate?
    APU is at Operating speed
  30. Fire 4.

    What occurs if BOTH Engine or APU Fire Detector Loops fail?
    (PW and 767) FIRE/OVHT SYS EICAS message annunciates
  31. Fire 20.
    What occurs if BOTH Engine Fire Loops Fail?
    Fire Indication Occurs
  32. fire 23

    (767 differences N335UP and Subsequent)
    If the Cargo Fire DEPR switch position is selected, what occurs in addition to the CABIN ALT light and CABIN ALTITUDE EICAS message?
    An Aural Warning
  33. Flight Controls  2.

    Which Hydraulic System powers the Rudder Ratio System?
  34. flight controls 20.

    When does the PES operate Automatically?
    Loss of Left & Center Hydraulics
  35. Flight controls  22.

    How does the PES operate?
    The PES uses a PTU driven by the Right Hydraulic System which uses trapped Left Trim System Fluid to power Stabilizer trim
  36. Navigation 9.
    If BOTH AC busses are lost, what is the expected IRS configuration?
    • Standby Power to Left and Center IRS's are limited to 5 minutes to save power.
    • (Right IRS stays ON)
  37. navigation 10
    If BOTH AC busses are lost, what is the expected IRS configuration (HDG Operating)?
    • Standby power to Right IRS is limited to 5 minutes to save battery power.
    • (Left and Center IRS's stays ON)
  38. Fuel  9.

    What does a LOW FUEL EICAS message and FUEL CONFIG light indicate?
    Fuel quantity is LOW in either Left or Right Tank
  39. Fuel 15.
    What are the Usable Fuel amounts?
    14,600 # for each Main Tank and 46,200# for the Center Tank
  40. Fuel 16.
    What causes the FUEL CONFIG light and associated EICAS messages to illuminate?
    • Less then 2200# in Either Main Tank or
    • More then 1200# in the Center Tank with Center Pump Switches OFF or
    • Fuel differs by 1800# between Main Tanks
  41. Fuel 17.
    (767)What are the Usable Fuel amounts?
    • 40,267 lbs for each Main tank and
    • 80,132 lbs for the Center tank
  42. Hyd. 4.
    What is powered by the RAT?
    Flight Controls
  43. Hyd 5.
    What condition Automatically deploys the RAT?
    Both Engines Fail
  44. Hyd 11.
    What does the RSVR light indicate?
    Low Reservoir Hydraulic Quantity and/or Pressure
  45. Hyd 12.

    What does the OVHT light indicate?
    Respective Pump Temperature is HIGH
  46. Hyd 13.
    What are the Electrical Inhibits associated with the Hydraulic System?
    With ONE Engine driven Generator operating and BOTH Center Electric Pump switches ON, the number 2 Electric Pump is Inhibited
  47. Hyd. 19.
    Which components are powered by the PTU?
    • Landing Gear
    • Nosewheel Steering
    • Flaps & Slats
    • Main Cargo Door
  48. HYD 20.
    What is the Center Hydraulic System Standpipe Fluid protected for?
  49. Hyd 22.
    What does a QTY light indicate?
    Low Reservoir Quantity only
  50. hyd 29.
    When does the Left Electric Demand pump operate in AUTO?
    Left Engine Pump Pressure Low
  51. gear. 9.
    What occurs if the Reserve Brakes switch is selected?
    Allows use of reserve right hydraulic fluid, activates Right Electric Hydraulic Pump and Isolates the Right Hydraulic Pump power to the Normal Brake system
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