Ch 19- Special Tests

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  1. · Mal- alignment causes abnormal stresses on foot, ankle, lower leg, knees and hips
    · Anteriorly- straight line drawn from anterior superior iliac spine through patella and between 1st and 2nd toes
    · Laterally, straight line from greater trochanter through center of patella and just behind lateral malleous
    · Posterioly, line through lower leg, midline to Achilles and calcaneus
    · Internal or external tibial torsion also common mal-alignment
    Lower leg alignment
  2. · blow to the tibia, fibula, to create vibratory force that resonates w/ fx
    · tuning fork can be used
    Percussion test
  3. · compression of tibia and fibula either above or below site of concern
  4. · Squeeze calf muscle, while foot extended off table to check integrity
    · Positive- no movement in foot
    Thompson test
  5. · test for deep vein thrombophleitis  (blood clot)
    · knee extended and foot off table, ankle in dorsiflexion
    · positive- referred pain in calf
    Homan's test
  6. · determine damage to ant talofib ligament or other lateral ligament
    · pull up on ankle, down on talo fib
    · Positive- - foot slides forward and/or makes clunking sound as reaches end point
    Anterior Drawer test
  7. · determine extent of inversion or eversion injuries
    · twist test
    · positive- foot at 90 deg, calcaneus inverted and excessive motion means injury to calcaneoflbular ligament and possible ant and post talofib ligaments
    · if calcaneus everted, deltoid tested
    Talar tilt test
  8. · determines extent off damage to deltoid ligaments
    ·may be used to evaluate distal ankle syndesmosis, ant/post tibfib ligaments, and interosseus membrane
    · w/ lower leg stabilized, foot rotated laterally to stress deltoid
    Kleiger's test
  9. · determines pressence of excessive medial translation of calcaneus on talus
    · talus stabilized in subtalar neutral while other hand glides calcaneus medially
    · positive- excessive movement indicates injury to lateral ligaments
    Medial Subtalar Glide test
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Ch 19- Special Tests
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