Changes on the Western Frontier quiz

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  1. Reasons buffalo destroyed
    • Building of railroads
    • settlement
    • competition for grasslands with cattle
  2. battle of little big horn
    • 1876, George Armstrong Custer's last stand
    • greatest victory for the Plains Indians
    • Chief Sitting Bull vs. Custer
  3. Battle of Wounded Knee
    • 1890
    • unarmed Sioux Indians shot by U.S. Army
    • ended the U.S. American Indian wars on the great plains
  4. Ghost dance
    • last effort by American Indians to resist U.S. domination
    • religious movement
  5. Gold found
    • in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory
    • 1874
  6. Assimilation
    • emphasized education to train Indians
    • convert to Christianity
    • have segregated school just for Indians
  7. Dawes Act
    • Abolish Indian Tribes
    • 1887
    • every Indian family got 160 acres of land to farm
  8. Long drive
    the drive of cattle to the railroads to send them to the east coast
  9. Things Cowboys dreaded on the Long drive
    • stampede
    • rivers
    • thunder and lightening
    • drought
  10. Homestead Act
    • 1862
    • 160 acres free to any family
    • settled on it for 5 years and it was yours to keep
    • had to be 21
  11. Exodusters
    African Americans who migrated west in the late 1870s
  12. Sod House
    • made of turf strips chopped into blocks and stacked like bricks to make a home
    • lasted 5-7 years
  13. 4 inventions bring relief to farmers
    • John deere- Steel plow 1837
    • Joseph f Glidden- barbwire 1847
    • Steel Mill got water from ground
    • Cyrus McCormick- the reaper 1830's
  14. Grange and farmers Alliance
    • Oliver H Kelley- founder of the grange movement 
    • 1867
    • created to help farmers politically economically and socially
  15. Populism
    movement began by farmers who wanted economic and political reforms 1890s
  16. Election of 1892
    • James Weaver- populist
    • Grover Cleveland- democrat
    • Benjamin Harrison- republican
  17. Election of 1896
    • William McKinley-republican
    • William Jenning Bryan- Democrat/populist
  18. Thomas Edison
    • Father of Inventions
    • invented the Light Bulb and the phonograph 1877
  19. Edwin Drake
    Drilled first oil well
  20. Christopher Sholes
    • invented the typewriter 1867
    • and the QWERTY keyboard
  21. George Westinghouse
    developed air brakes
  22. Wright Brothers
    First Airplane flight
  23. Samuel F.B. Morse
    developed the telegraph
  24. Alexander Graham bell
    invented the telephone 1876
  25. Patent
    your right to make, sell, and use an invention
  26. Transcontinental railroads
    • built through the rocky mountains 
    • met up with the other railroad in Ogden Utah
    • 1869
  27. Credit Mobilier
    credit company got rich by turning in inflated bills
  28. Cornelius Vanderbuilt
    • father of railroads
    • monopolizes railroads
  29. Interstate commerce act
    railroad rates had to be reasonable and just
  30. Capitalism
    private business runs most industry and competitions will determine price of goods and worker price
  31. Laissez Faire
    • the ideology of the industrial age
    • no room for government in the market
  32. Social Darwinism
    belief that society should do as little as possible to interfere with people's pursuit of success
  33. Andrew Carnegie
    the father of the Steel industry
  34. John Rockefeller
    founder of the Standard Oil Company
  35. Monopoly
    complete control of a product/service
  36. Gospel of Wealth
    • Andrew Carnegie
    • stated what millionaires should and shouldn't do with their money
  37. Vertical integration
    process in which a company buys out its suppliers
  38. Horizontal Integration
    one company's control of other companies producing the same product
  39. trust
    a group of separate companies under the control of a single managing board
  40. robber barons
    business who stole their money from the public
  41. captains of industry
    business leaders serve their nation in a positive way
  42. Sherman Antitrust Act
    • 1890
    • outlawed all monopolies and trusts that restrained trade
  43. Knights of Labor
    • Founder- Uriah Stephens 
    • Leader- terrence Powderly
    • Type-industrial union includes skilled and unskilled workers
    • Tactics- arbitration- the settlement of disagreements between employees and workers by and impartial 3rd party
  44. American Federation of Labor AFL
    • Founder- Samuel Gompers
    • Type- craft union includes only skilled workers
    • Tactics- collective bargaining- process in which workers negotiate as a group with employers
  45. reasons workers complain in the New Industrial Age
    • Loss of freedom
    • loss of identity
    • long hours and low wages
    • dangerous working conditions
    • child labor
  46. Strike
    stop working and protest until demand are met
  47. Mary Harris Jones
    mother of the labor movement
  48. Great Railroad strike of 1877
    first nationwide protest in U.S. history
  49. Haymarket Affair
    • 1886
    • labor related violence in Chicago
  50. Homestead strike
    • 1892
    • strike at Carnegie steel plant
  51. Pullman Strike
    • 1894
    • railway worker strike that is spread nationwide
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