Cat Muscles - Origin and Insertion

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  1. Clavotrapezius - Origin
    Lambdoidal ridge of skull
  2. Clavotrapezius - Insertion
  3. Acromiotrapezius Origin
    Spines of cervical and anterior thoracic vertebrae. (C2-T1-4)
  4. Acromiotrapezius Insertion
    metacromion and scapula spine
  5. spinotrapezius origin
    spines of thoracic vertebrae. T1-4-T11-13
  6. Spinotrapezius Insertion
    Scapula spine and surrounding fascia
  7. Latissimus dorsi - Origin
    Thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. T4-5 to L6
  8. Latissimus dorsi - Insertion
    medial shaft of humerus
  9. Levator scapulae ventralis - Origin
    transverse process of atlas and occipital bone
  10. Levator scapulae ventralis- Insertion
    metacromion of scapula
  11. Acromiodeltoid
    scapula's acromion
  12. Spinodeltoid - Origin
    Spine of scapula
  13. Spinodeltiod - Insertion
    Deltoid ridge of humerus
  14. Clavobrachialis - Origin
    Raphe of clavicle
  15. Clavobrachialis - Insertion
    ulna beneath semilunar notch
  16. Rhomboideus - Origin
    Spines of cervical and thoracic vertebrae. T1-4
  17. Rhomboideus - Insertion
    vertical border of scapula and inferior angle
  18. Rhomboideus capitis - Origin
    lambdoidal ridge of skull
  19. Rhomboideus capitis - insertion
    vertebral border of scapula
  20. Supraspinatus - origin
    supraspinous fossa of scapula
  21. Supraspinatus - insertion
    Greater tuberosity of humerus
  22. Infraspinatus - origin
    infraspinous fossa of scapula
  23. Infraspinatus - Insertion
    lateral part of greater tuberosity of humerus
  24. teres major - origin
    axillary border of scapula near glenoid fossa
  25. teres major - insertion
    with latissimus dorsi on medial surface of humerus
  26. Teres minor - Origin
    Axillary border of scapula near glenoid fossa
  27. teres minor - insertion
    greater tuberosity of humerus
  28. subscapularis - origin
    subscapular fossa of scapula
  29. subscapularis - insertion
    lesser tuberosity of humerus
  30. sternomastoid - origin
    manubrium of sternum and midventral line anterior to manubrium
  31. sternomastoid - insertion
    mastoid process and lambdoidal ridge
  32. Sternohyoid - origin
    first costal cartilage
  33. Sternohyoid - insertion
    body of  hyoid
  34. digastric - origin
    jugular process of occipital, mastoid process of temporal
  35. digastric - insertion
    ventral border of mandible
  36. mylohyoid - origin
    medial surface of mandible
  37. mylohyoid - insertion
    median raphe- from hyoid to mandibular symphisis
  38. masseter - origin
    malar and ventral border of zygomatic arch
  39. masseter - insertion
    mandible- ventral border and exterior carotid fossa
  40. temporalis - origin
    temporal fossa of parietal, squamosal and frontal
  41. temporalis - insertion
    coronoid process of mandible
  42. cleidomastoid - origin
    mastoid process
  43. cleidomastoid - insertion
    clavicle - raphe temporal
  44. Serratus dorsalis cranialis - origin
    mid-dorsal raphe between spinous process of axis and 10th thoracic vertibrae
  45. serratus dorsalis cranialis - insertion
    first 9 ribs
  46. serratus dorsalis caudalis - origin
    lumbar spinous processes
  47. serratus dorsalis caudalis - insertion
    last 4 ribs
  48. Pectoantebrachialis - origin
    lateral border of manubrium of sternum
  49. pectoantebrachialis - insertion
    fascia of forearm near elbow
  50. pectoralis major - origin
    raphe of mid-ventral line, manubrium and sternebrae
  51. pectoralis major - insertion
    shaft of humerus
  52. pectoralis minor - origin
  53. pectoralis minor - insertion
    bicipital groove of humerus
  54. xiphihumeralis - origin
    xiphoid process of sternum
  55. xiphihumeralis - insertion
    ventral border of bicipital groove of humerus
  56. serratus ventralis - origin
    first 10 ribs
  57. serratus ventralis - insertion
    scapula near vertebral border
  58. levator scapulae - origin
    transverse processes of last 5 cervical vertebrae
  59. levator scapulae
    vertebral border of scapula
  60. external intercostal - origin
    sternal half of ribs cranial to insertion
  61. external intercostal - insertion
    sternum and first and second costal cartilage
  62. external oblique - origin
    lumbodorsal fascia and ribs
  63. external oblique - insertion
    linea alba
  64. internal oblique abdomen - origin
    lumbodorsal fascia and pelvis
  65. transverse abdominis - origin
    posterior ribs, transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae
  66. internal oblique abdomen - insertion
    linea alba
  67. transverse abdominis - insertion
    linea alba
  68. rectus abdominis - origin
    pubic symphysis and ilium
  69. rectus abdominis - insertion
    sternum and first and second costal cartilage
  70. epitrochlearis - origin
    lateral surface of ventral border of latissimus dorsi
  71. epitrochlearis - insertion
    olecranon process of ulna
  72. biceps brachii - origin
    cranial to glenoid fossa in bicipital groove of humerus
  73. biceps brachii - insertion
    radial tuberosity near proximal end of radius
  74. triceps long - origin
    axillary border of scapula below glenoid fossa
  75. triceps long - insertion
    olecranon process of ulna
  76. triceps lateral - origin
    humerus - proximal part of deltoid ridge
  77. triceps lateral - insertion
    ulna- lateral border of olecranon process to semilunar notch
  78. triceps medial - origin
    dorsomedial surface of humerus and medial surface of supracondyloid foramen
  79. triceps medial - insertion
    olecranon process of ulna
  80. brachialis - origin
    lateral surface of humerus
  81. brachialis - insertion
    medial surface of ulna below semilunar notch
  82. brachioradialis - origin
    lower half of dorsal surface of humerus
  83. brachioradialis - insertion
    styloid process of radius
  84. Sartorius - origin
    crest and ventral border of ilium
  85. sartorius - insertion
    patella, shaft of tibia and fascia of knee
  86. gracilis - origin
    ischium and pubic symphisis
  87. gracilis - insertion
    aponeurosis on medial surface of tibia
  88. semimembranosus - origin
    rams and tuberosity of ischium
  89. semimembranosus - insertion
    medial epicondyle of femur and proximal end of tibia
  90. adductor femoris - origin
    ischium and pubis
  91. adductor femoris - insertion
    shaft of femur
  92. adductor longis - origin
  93. adductor longus - insertion
    shaft of femur
  94. iliopsoas - origin
    T13 and all lumbar vertebrae, ventral border of ilium, anterior to acetabulum
  95. iliopsoas - insertion
  96. vastus medialis - origin
    medial surface of shaft of femur
  97. vastus medialis - insertion
  98. tensor fascae latae - origin
    crest of ilium
  99. tensor fasciae latae - insertion
    fascia latae of thigh
  100. biceps femoris - origin
    tuberosity of ischium
  101. biceps femoris - insertion
    patella and tibia
  102. semitendinosus - origin
    tuberosity of ischium
  103. semitendinosus - insertion
    medial surface of tibia
  104. caudofemoralis - origin
    transverse process of second and third caudal vertebrae
  105. caudofemoralis - insertion
  106. gluteus medius - origin
    last sacral and first caudal vertebrae, ilium
  107. gluteus medius - insertion
    greater trochanter of femur
  108. gluteus maximus - origin
    last sacral and first caudal vertebrae
  109. gluteus maximus - insertion
    greater trochanter of femur
  110. vastus lateralis - origin
    greater trochanter of femur - dorsolateral surface
  111. vastus lateralis - insertion
  112. gastrocnemius - origin
    both epicondyles and patella
  113. gastrocnemius - insertion
    proximal end of calcaneus (Achilles tendon)
  114. soleus - origin
    lateral surface of head of fibula and proximal part of ventral border of fibula
  115. soleus - insertion
    proximal end of calcaneus
  116. plantaris - origin
    lateral condyle and patella
  117. plantaris - insertion
    flexor digitorum brevis
  118. flexor digitorum longus - origin
    head of fibula and shaft of tibia
  119. flexor digitorum longus - insertion
    tendon of flex. halluces longus which divides and goes to four tendons at base of terminal phalanges
  120. flexor halluces longus - origin
    shaft of tibia and fibula
  121. flexor halluces longus - insertion
    tendon of flexor digitorum longus
  122. tibialis posterior - origin
    head of tibia and caudal aspect of tibia
  123. tibialis posterior - insertion
    medial side of tarsals and proximal end of ventral surface of medial cuneiform bone
  124. peroneus longus - origin
    head and lateral surface of shaft of fibula
  125. peroneus longus - insertion
    first and fifth metatarsals and slender branches to other metatarsals
  126. peroneus tertius fifth - origin
    lateral surface of shaft of fibula
  127. peroneus tertius fifth - insertion
    tendon of fifth digit
  128. peroneus brevis - origin
    distal half of fibula
  129. peroneus brevis - insertion
    base of fifth metatarsal
  130. tibialis anterior - origin
    lateral shaft of tibia and had of fibula
  131. tibialis anterior - origin
    lateral shaft of tibia and head of fibula
  132. tibialis anterior - insertion
    medial surface of first metatarsal
  133. extensor digitorum longus - origin
    lateral epicondyle of femur
  134. extensor digitorum longus - insertion
    tendons to 2nd terminal phalanges of each digit
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