HG Ethics Policy

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  1. Ethics Policy written by?
  2. Ethics Policy: Introduction Summary
    This policy describes how important culture is.  Culture starts with its employees.  It is really everyone's responsibility to form the morale of the company.
  3. What does this policy state you not participate in?
    Any conduct that would cause the Company or its employees embarrassment or humiliation.
  4. Be Respectful
    Value relationships in the company, respect owners and coworkers, HG's assets, team members' property
  5. Be Professional
    • Be polite, professional in communication, keep work spaces and common areas clean/professional.
    • The idea is to keep the moral up than bring others down. It is everyone's responsibility.
  6. Be Progressive
    • Our company was found on an Entrepreneurial spirit so we encourage:
    • Be progressive and make suggestions if you see a need for improvement in anywhere within the company. Share knowledge and see embrace change.
  7. Be a Team
    • You will find you quickly get to know a team better than others.
    • Collaborate and communicate to make the best decisions for the team and overall company. Respect and value others' time
  8. Be Responsive
    • Take the time to respond to others. You will find it's mostly via email, so unwritten rule, co-workers reply within 24 hours.
    • Clients- ASAP
    • Goes back to team work and communicating to the team if needed.
  9. Be Responsible
    • Take ownership of your own actions and responsibility the outcome
    • Be responsible in resolving questions or issues, verifying facts before communicating to others
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