Vocab #22

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  1. Mercenary (n/adj) (Latin)
    • 1. a hireling; a hired professional soldier
    • 2. motivated solely by a desire for material gain
    • RF: mercenariness
    • S: freelancer, greedy
    • A: altruistic, disinterested
  2. Moot (adj/v) (Old English)
    • 1. Debatable and therefore unresolved
    • 2. To bring up for discussion 
    • P: moot question; moot court
    • RP: Gordian knot, foregone conclusion
    • S: questionable, pose
    • A: indisputable, irrefutable
  3. Morass (n) (Dutch/French)
    • swamp/bog; confused situation that is difficult to get out of
    • S: marsh, quagmire
  4. Motley (n/adj) (Old English)
    • 1. multicolored cloth worn by clowns
    • 2. diverse and varied
    • RF: mottled;mottle
    • RP: pluralistic society, diversified economy, checkered career
    • S: heterogeneous, miscellaneous 
    • A: homogeneous, uniform
  5. Mundane (adj) (Latin)
    • worldly(as opposed to spiritual); everyday
    • RF: mundanely
    • RP: worldly goods, worldly wisdom, man of the world
    • S: ordinary, routine
    • A: celestial. heavenly
  6. Myriad (adj) (Greek)
    • countless, innumerable 
    • UN: in older writing used as a noun
    • S: infinite, manifold
    • A: finite, limited
  7. Narcissistic (adj) (Greek)
    • dominated by excessive love for oneself
    • RF: narcissism, narcissist
    • RP: amour propre 
    • S: egotistic, conceited
    • A: self-destructive, self-critical
  8. Nebulous (adj) (Latin)
    • vague
    • P: nebulous recollection of an event, nebulous fears and suspicions 
    • RF: nebulousness, nebulosity, nebula
    • S: opaque, fuzzy
    • A:clear, distinct
  9. Negligible (adj) (Latin)
    • too small to be significant
    • RF: negligibility, neglgibleness 
    • RP: small potatoes, trivia
    • S: insignificant, trifling 
    • A: significant, meaningful
  10. Nepotism (n) (Italian/Latin)
    • unwarranted favoritism shown to relatives/friends by someone in high office
    • RF: nepotist, nepotistic(al)
    • RP: client state, spoils system, merit system
    • S: bias, partiality
  11. Nomadic (adj) (Greek)
    • wandering
    • RF: nomad
    • P: urban nomads
    • RP: footloose and fancy-free, fly-by-night, operation, rowing reporter, Peripatetic philosopher, migrant farm worker, wanderlust
    • S: itinerant, migratory
    • A: settled, stationary
  12. Nominal (adj) (Latin)
    • 1. Existing in name only
    • 2. Insignificantly small
    • P: nominal Christian, nominal representation of the board
    • RF: nominally, nominalism, nominalist
    • RP: puppet ruler
    • S: token, symbolic
    • A: real, actual
  13. Nostalgia (n) (Greek)
    • longing to return to the past
    • RF: nostalgic
    • S: sorrow, regret
  14. Novice (n) (Medieval Latin)
    • 1. someone who has just entered a religious order on a probationary basis
    • 2. beginner
    • RF: novitate
    • RP:still wet behind the ears, babe in the woods, freshman senator, black belt in karate
    • UN: occasionally used as an adj.
    • S: rookie, trainee
    • A: expert, pro
  15. Nuance (n) (French/Latin)
    • slight/subtle variation in meaning, expression, tone, feeling, color, etc.
    • RP: fine point, read between the lines, read the small print
    • S: subtlety, refinement
  16. Nominal Christian
    not a real devout
  17. Fly-By-Night
    not reliable/responsible, esp. in business
  18. Raglan
    shirt with no sleeves @ shoulder, sleeve that extends in 1 piece
  19. Levi's
    jeans; 1st to put metal tabs on pant for reinforcement
  20. Madras
    cotton cloth w/ plaid, striped, or checkered pattern
  21. Lisle v. Calico
    • Lisle: fine, strong thread
    • Calico: cotton fabric w/ small bright colored motifs
  22. Fedora
    soft felt hat
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