Oral Pathology

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  1. Granuloma
    A tumorlike mass of inflammatory tissue consisting of a central collection of macrophages, often including multinucleated giant cells, surrounded by lymphocytes.
  2. Granulomatous Disease
    A disease characterized by the formation of granulomas
  3. Incubation Period
    The period between the infection of an individual by a pathogen and the manifestation of the disease it causes
  4. Malaise
    A vague indefinite feeling of discomfort, debilitation, or lack of health.
  5. Opportunistic Infection
    A disease caused by a microorganism that does not ordinarily cause disease but becomes pathogenic under certain circumstances.
  6. Paresthesia
    An abnormal sensation such as prickling or tingling
  7. Pathogenic Microorganism
    A microorganism that causes disease
  8. Prutitus
  9. Subclinical Infection
    An infectious disease not detectable by the usual clinical signs
  10. Whitlow
    An infection involving the distal phalanx of a finger.
  11. What are (2) Factors that allow a microorganism to cause disease?
    • 1. An organism is pathogenic
    • 2. State of body's defenses.
  12. What (2) Categories are Microorganisms typically classified as?
    • 1.  Pathogenic
    • 2.  Nonpathogenic
  13. What (3) Factors must occur in order for an organism to cause disease?
    • 1. The organism must gain access to the hosts body.
    • 2. The organism must accommodate to growth in the human environment.
    • 3.  The organism must have the ability to avoid multiple host defenses.
  14. What are (6) Defense Mechanisms:
    • 1. Intact Skin
    • 2. Mucosal Surfaces
    • 3. Antimicrobial secretory & excretory products on the skin and mucosa
    • 4. Competition of the components of normal microflora
    • 5. Inflammatory response (localized)
    • 6. Immune response (systemic)
  15. The Oral Cavity can play a primary and secondary role to pathogenic infections.  What are these (2) roles?
    • 1. Primary site of involvement of an infectious disease.
    • -Local infection
    • 2.  Oral manifestations from a systemic infection.
  16. Local infections can be transmitted from
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