Test 2 Review

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  1. What is the wall called that separates the 2 halves of the dividing cell?
    cross septum
  2. Where does peptidoglycan synthesis start?
  3. Where does peptidoglycan synthesis end?
    plasma membrane
  4. What do you call a population of microorganisms growing in a closed culture vessel containing a single batch of medium?
    batch culture
  5. 4 phases of bacterial growth
    Lag, Exponential or log, stationary and death
  6. A bacterial growth curve is plotte
  7. What is balanced during the stationary phase?
    cell division and cell death
  8. In the batch culture what decreases over time and what increases?
    Nutrients Decrease and wastes increase
  9. What 2 things could be triggered by the starvation response?
    endospore formation or formation of persister cells
  10. Generation time
    how much time it takes for bacteria to divide
  11. binary fission
    cells divide in 2 (log 2 or .301)
  12. method of determining cell count involves a laser and fluorescently labeled antibodies
    flow cytometry
  13. hypotonic
    water enters the cell cell swells and may burst
  14. hypertonic
    water leaves the cell, membrane shrinks from cell wall, plasmolysis occurs
  15. osmotolerant
    organisms grow over a wide range of water availability
  16. acidophiles
    grow from 0-5.5 pH
  17. neutrophiles
    grow from 5.5-8 pH
  18. alkaphiles
    grow from 8-11.5 pH
  19. psychrophiles and psychrotrophs
    like the cold
  20. mesophiles
    grow at 20-45 celcius
  21. thermophiles
    compost, hot springs
  22. hyperthermophiles
    grow at hot areas of ocean floor
  23. microaerophiles
    require oxygen at lower concentration than atmospheric levels
  24. faculative anaerobes
    don't require oxygen for growth yet grow better in presence of oxygen
  25. aerotolerant anaerobes
    grow equally well in the presence or absence of oxygen
  26. Hydroxyl radical
    is neutralized by super oxide dismutase (SOD), catalase and peroxidase
  27. thioglycollate broth
    contains a reducing agent to lower oxygen levels
  28. barotolerant
    organisms grow at extreme ocean depths
  29. piezophilic organisms
    grow at high pressure
  30. radiation can result in
    thymine dimers
  31. biofilms
    slime encased communities
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