Global Hunger

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  1. what is hunger
    sensation where the body craves food
  2. Define Famine
    an acute shortage of food affecting large quantities of people, could be from quality of soil or lack of reliable water
  3. Example of two types of deficiencies
     food sources, symptons and what vitamin they are from
    • Pallegra (Dementia, dermatitus and diarrhoea) From vitamin B3 Niacin, red meat, seafood and poultry. 
    • Beriberi - weakness, retarded growth in children, Vitamin B1 - Thiamin deficiency, yeast and yeast products
  4. importance of education in saving global hunger
    • important as it increases their nutriton
    • increases sanitation
    • increases agricultural practices
    • effective birth control
    • farming practice
    • storing of food (minimising waste) ensuring safe food extending life expectancy  and safe hygiene
  5. short term solutions after a natural disaster
    • Gathering water
    • finding shelter - ensuring safety
    • emergency food
  6. what are some political decisions to ensure that destruction does not happen after a natural disaster again
    • building a stronger infrastructure that can handle re-occuring natural disasters. 
    • education by imporving their business and own health.
  7. what is an non-government organisation (example)
    OXFAM - educate suffers to achieve and maintain an adequate food supply in any type of condition. motivate poor and disadvantaged people trying to achieve long term sustainability
  8. how does a secure water supply increase food production
    • looks after the crops and animals affecting nutritonal value
    • can lead to many water bourne diseases 
    • not being able to wash utensils or have healthy drinking water
    • water bourne disases can be prevented by boiling drinking water and seperating washing and bathing water
  9. what is the role of a stable government
    • secure food supply
    • ability to hold and maintain infrastructure
    • food storage
    • manufacturing and transport or the ability to negociate trade
    • BUT governments may make wrong decisions in distrubuting their food from organisations such as the red cross. Intstead of people in need they may give it to eg. the army as it benefits the government.
  10. agricultural strategy for ensuring safe food supply
    ensuring that all water is clean when feeding plants and animals, ensuring water bourne diseases do not occur
  11. what are the 2 water bourne diseases
    • TYPHOID - fever, headaches and weakness
    • cholera - watery diarrhoea
  12. role of government organisation (what is one)
    AusAID - responsible for managing australias overseas aid program. their main object is to assist developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development in the line with australias national interest
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