Adventist History

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  1. Millerite movement founder.  Foremost personality of the advent awakening.
    William Miller
  2. First paid preacher of Millerite movement.  Wrote a 200 page book "The Probability of the 2nd Coming of Christ" AD 1843
    Josiah Litch
  3. Developed prophetic chart while Hale originated call to come out of Babylon.
    Charles Fitch
  4. Chief promoter of Millerite Movement.  Published "Signs of The Times".  Counseled against date setting, led American Evangelical Adventist Conference.
    Joseph Hines
  5. Felt that organization was unbiblical,  he supported Charles Fitch in the call for Millerites to leave established churches. In January 1844 he started publishing The Voice of Truth, and in September 1844 he supported the "seven month movement.
    Joseph Marsh
  6. Millerite preacher who calculated that the return of Christ was to take place on October 22, 1844. His teaching sparked what became known as the "Seventh-month movement," which led to the Great Disappointment when Jesus did not return as expected.
    Samuel Snow
  7. Editor of the Hope of Israel, advanced the Shut Door Theory with Apollos Hale
    Joseph Turner
  8. Known as the first Sabbathkeeping Adventist minister.  Learned about sabbath from Rachel Oakes.
    Frederick Wheeler
  9. Challenged Wheeler to keep all God's commandments (as he taught in his sermon).  She taught him about the sabbath
    Rachel Oakes
  10. The first Millerite to advocate the Sabbath in print.
    T. M. Preble
  11. Chairman of Advent Conference, most prominant of early sabbatarian adventists, studied sabbath with Wheeler, adopted Edson-Crosier teaching of sanctuary, accepted EG White's visions, began publishing work, ministry in Michigan, health reform, 1st to grasp the idea of the investigative judgement.tes
    Joseph Bates
  12. Known for introducing the sanctuary doctrine to the church.
    Hiram Edson
  13. Published Edson's findings, linked atonement to the sanctuary instead of the cross
    O.R.L. Crosier
  14. Received 4 visions on Christ 's Second Coming.  He was reluctant to share but did.
    William Foy
  15. Received visions but was reluctant to share.  The gift was taken away from him.
    Hazen Foss
  16. Leading SDA writer, presented noncombatatiry view to US Government.  He is the first official missionary.
    J. N. Andrews
  17. Author who converted to Adventism, encountered discouragement, then returned to ministry.  First of the workers in California with D.T. Bourdeau and ministered in England
    John Loughborough
  18. Leader in publishing work who defined the doctrine of Atonement.
    Joseph Waggoner
  19. Leading SDA writer- wrote Daniel and the Revelation.  First General COnference Secretary and also served as Treasurer.  He defined the doctrine of atonement and was an expostor od prophesy.  He opposed Waggoner and Jones but later changed his views on righteousness by faith.
    Uriah Smith
  20. Began work among French in North America.  Missionary to France, Italy and Romania
    A. C. Bourdeau
  21. Began work anong French in North America with his brother.  1st workers in California with Loughborough.  Assisted J. N. Andrews in Switzerland and worked in France, Italy and Romania.
    D. T. Bordeau
  22. Began work with Scandinavians in US.  Editor of Advent Tidente
    John G. Matteson
  23. 1st missionary to Europe
    Michal Czechowski
  24. Promoter of hydrotherapy.  Director of Health establishment in Dansville, NY.
    Dr. James C. Jackson
  25. First physician of the Health Reform Institute (Battle Creek Sanitorium)
    Dr. H. S. Lay
  26. Influenced SDA health movement and had a School Hygeo-Therapuetic College in New York
    R. T. Trall
  27. Editor of The Health Reformer, head of the Western Health Reform Institute, published early health literature, president of 1st temperance society. president of Medical Missionary & Benevolent Association. Linchpin in SDA medical program, promoted SDA medical work outside US, giant among SDAs.  Conflict with Ellen G. White and church.  COntroversey over his book Living Temple and friction with A. G. Daniells.  Disfellowshipped.
    Dr. John H. Kellogg
  28. Founder of Battle Creek Select School, authored children's sabbath school materials.  Principal of South Lancaster Academy.  Influence on Sabbath School movement.
    Goodloe H. Bell
  29. 1st head of Battle Creek College.  1st Principal of Healdsburg Academy
    Sidney Brownsberger
  30. Second president of Battle Creek College
    Alexander McLearn
  31. Restored order after the Marion Party rebellion, promoted evangelism as pastoral duty, opposed Waggoner & Jones.  Later accepted righteousness by faith, endorsed the centralization of authority in GC.
    George I. Butler
  32. Pioneer self-supporting lay missionary in eastern Asia
    Abram LaRue
  33. A miner in Gold Hill, Nevada who wrote and asked for books on Daniel & Revelation after reading a bad press article about a tent revival.  Took the message overseas to New Zealand and South Africa.
    William Hunt
  34. Fostered Christian Homes
    A. W. Spalding
  35. Established church in Russia, pillar of work in Germany.  GC vice president for Europe and had a role in the German Reform movement.
    Louis R. Conradi
  36. Irish physician who helped toteach the SDA message to Moslem lands and Alexandria,Egypt.  He was assasinated.
    Herbert Ribton
  37. 1st worker in Great Britain.  Started the first church there.
    William Ings
  38. Unofficialworker in Africa.  Shared new beliefs with a fellow missionary, Alexander Dickson who went topreachSDA doctrines in his native Australia
    Hannah More
  39. became a sabbath keeper,opened work in Australia with J.O. Corliss.  Promoter of lay evangelism, preeminent leader in New England.  Effective promoter of missions.  Headed SDA workin England,evengelistic campaign in NYC
    Stephen N. Haskell
  40. SDA literature evangelist and founder of subscription book sales
    George A. King
  41. Co founder of youth ministries
    Luther Warren
  42. Co founder of youth ministries
    Henry Fenner
  43. Preached righteousness by faith with A. T. Jones and co edited the Present Truth.  He also became the editor of Signs of the Times
    E. J. Waggoner
  44. Preached righteousness by faith, testified about Sunday Laws before Congress.  He had extreme viewson church and state and arbitrated conflicts at Review & Herald Publishing.
    A. T. Jones
  45. Preached and workedin the American South before the Whites arrived
    R.M. Kilgore
  46. Elected president of GC, faced severe financial problems in church. One of the first individuals to advocate the formation of Union Conferences. After he was not re-elected as church president (1897) he went as a missionary to South Africa
    O.A. Olsen
  47. President of Battlecreek College, president of Union and Walla Walla Colleges. 1st GC secretary of Education.  Opposed Kellogg's pantheism, unsuccessful in evangelism, participant in Bible Conference
    W. W. Prescott
  48. Walla Walla president, reform president of Battle Creek College, helped found Madison College.  Became a physician, headed Commission for Self Supporting Work
    E.A. Sutherland
  49. World mission tour with Haskell, helped found Madison College, became a physician, dean of College of Medical Evangelists,leading voice in school accreditation movement.
    Percy T. Magan
  50. Lay worker in Russia.  Led missionary journey around Russia with Conradi
    Gerhard Perk
  51. Early worker in Turkey who informed on Conradi's doubts of EGW's visions
    Z. G. Baharian
  52. Adventist layman & ship carpenter who witnessed to Pitcairn people and mission service among Pacific Island
    John I. Tay
  53. Witnessed to hometown in CapeTown area. Family dsicovered diamonds on their farm lading toliberal support in Cape Town. (Adventist College, Sanitarium, Publishing House, Orphanage and benevolent home)
    Pieter Wessels
  54. Led four German-Russian families to Argentina as self-supporting workers
    George Riffel
  55. Opened work in Brazil
    W. H. Thurston
  56. Bible Instructor, 1st Mission Board appointee, opened Hindu School for girls in India
    Georgia Burrus
  57. Opened work in Japan, established an English speaking school with T. H. Okahira in Tokyo and a small Japanese language monthly
    W. C. Grainger
  58. 1st ordained African-American
    Charles M. Kinney
  59. Old Millerite preacher who worked in the south
    C. O. Taylor
  60. Ministry in the south, use of publishing skills, open schools for blacks.  Son of James and Ellen White
    James Edson White
  61. General Conference treasurer, had dubious financial policies at Battle Creek
    Harmon Lindsey
  62. Opposed righteousness by faith, saved Union College, had questionable financial policies.  Sued Review & Herald and opposed move of GC to Tacoma Park.
    A. R. Henry
  63. Opposed righteousness by faith, president of NRLA
    Clement Eldridge
  64. Early ministry in Australia, led reorganization, led investigation of Takoma Park.  Had conflict with Kellogg, passion for missions, GC president.  Slow to engage in city evangelism, 1st head of Ministerial Association.  Conducted Institutes in Australia and South America and played a key role at 1919 Bible Conference
    A. G. Daniells
  65. Ministry in Pacific Islands
    G. F. Jones
  66. Founded African Missions, graduate of Battle Creek College.  1,000 miles on foot.  Rapid growth in Portugal
    W. H. Anderson
  67. Nurse whose story-telling to children helped to win parents to the faith
    Eric B. Hare
  68. China Doctor
    Harry Miller
  69. Founder of SDA correspondence education, influential secretary of education
    Frederick Griggs
  70. Biology Professor who taught Creationism
    Harold Clark
  71. Organized Missionary Volunteer Dept
    M. E. Kern
  72. Pushed for Black Conferences.  Defected and started the United Sabbath Day Adventist Church
    J. K. Humphrey
  73. 1st black secretary of Negro Department of GC
    W. H. Green
  74. 2nd black secretary of Negro Department of GC
    G. E. Peters
  75. Great impact on sabbath school through projects and investment plans.  GC sabbath school secretary
    L. Flora Plummer
  76. Innovator of Harvest Ingathering
    Jasper Wayne
  77. Adventist evangelist successful in NJ and NY.  Very flambouyant and eventually left the church
    E. E. Franke
  78. Composed many favorite hymns
    Henry de Fluiter
  79. Used astronomy to attract large audiences in Pacific Coast states
    Philip Knox
  80. Experiemented with radio evangelism and developed Voice of Prophecy
    H. M. S. Richards
  81. Encouraged listeners to make a sequence of decisions on points in his sermons rather than have them wait until the end
    J. L. Shuler
  82. Literature ministry in Australia, revived sales in North America
    E. R. Palmer
  83. Worked for religious liberty in military, helped form POAU, led temperance movement
    Charles S. Longacre
  84. Head of War Service Commission, powerful SDA voice countering labor movement
    Carlyle B. Haynes
  85. Founder of Medical Cadet Corps
    Everett. N. Dick
  86. Minister and theologian, first associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association
    L. E. Froom
  87. Field schools of evangelism
    Edward Banks
  88. Professional archaeologist at Seminary, organized Heshbon Expedition
    Siegfried Horn
  89. Church historian and professor.  Left many collections of works to Seminary
    Daniel Walther
  90. Seventh-day Adventist theologian, and Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology as well as Dean of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.  Wrote Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate and New Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate
    Gerhard Hasel
  91. Head of Ministerial Association
    R. A. Anderson
  92. Led archaeology studies
    Lawrence T. Geraty
  93. Transformed fundraising institutions
    Milton Murray
  94. Self taught geologist, 1st to attempt to refute evolution with scientific data
    George McCready Price
  95. Leader in Creation vs Evolution debate
    Frank Marsh
  96. Founded founded the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty
    Jean Nussbaum
  97. Religious liberties leader
    Bert Beach
  98. Wrote The Truth About Seventh-Day Adventists
    Walter B. Martin
  99. First Millerite paper, proclaimed righteousness by faith, launched spanish edition in Chile in 1900
    Signs of the Times
  100. 1842 (Miller & Himes) call to come out of Babylon
    The Midnight Cry
  101. Paper from Rochester, NY to publicize the ministry
    Voice of Truth
  102. James White paper that was printed first on credit and funded by various sources.  Discouraged by Bates, continued by inspiration of Ellen White.
    Present Truth
  103. (James & Ellen White) designed to show that sabbatarian adventisit saw the movement as God directed, unified sabbatarians, Later merged with Presnt Truth to creat Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald (Review & Herald)
    Adventist Review
  104. (James White) 8 page monthly with sabbath school lessons on doctrines and other materils for children
    Youth's Instructor
  105. (James and Ellen White) six pamphlets on healthy living
    Health or How to Live
  106. (John G. Matteson) first non-english SDA journal (Danish-Norwegian)
    Advent Tidende
  107. Discusses how to come to know Jesus Christ at a personal level. It covers the topics of repentance, confession, faith, acceptance, growing into Christ, and prayer.
    Steps to Christ
  108. Ellen White sold this book to help reduce debt at SDA colleges
    Christ Object Lessons
  109. Pantheistic book by Kellogg, sold to rebuild Sanitarium and eliminate debts
    The Living Temple
  110. Journal for religious liberty
  111. H.M.S. Richards radio show featuring the Kings Heralds went coast to coast then across the globe
    Voice of Prophecy
  112. William Fagal first SDA television show in 1950
    Faith for Today
  113. George Vandeman show in 1958
    It is Written
  114. First black SDA TV program with Walter Arties and Charles Brooks
    Breath of Life
  115. Came from the Faith for Today Show as it dwindled in popularity
    Lifestyle Magazine
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