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  1. How do you find a passage in the bible?
    For example, Mark 6:30?
    • 1. Turn to the "Mark" section of the bible
    • 2. Find the chapter 6.
    • 3. Look beside sentences, there is numbers. Find number 30.
  2. What does Bible mean?
    The sacred writings of the Christian religions
  3. 7 Stages of the bibe through the ages?
    • 1. Stories were first written on clay tablets.
    • 2. Much of the Old Testament had been written by 300 BC. It was copied to papryus.
    • 3. Early in the 2nd Century AD the New Testament was completed.
    • 4. 6th Century monks that wrote on sheep skin were making handwritten copies which made a book.
    • 5. In 1450 Johann Gutenburg printed the bible in 150 copies.
    • 6. The bible became the world's best-seller book. Its been translated in 2000 languages.
  4. Which one of the Evangelist's symbols is this and why?
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    Luke- The ox because Luke writes about how Jesus was caring and generous.
  5. Which one of the Evangelist's symbols is this and why?
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    Matthew- Human/Angel because Matthew writes about Jesus' family tree.
  6. Which one of the Evangelist's symbols is this and why?
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    Mark- Lion because he has faith and courage like Mark.
  7. Which one of the Evangelist's symbols is this and why?Image Upload
    John- Eagle because he flys close to God.
  8. What did the 4 evangelists write the Gospel based on?
    Eye witness information.
  9. What was the first Gospel to be written and when?
    The Gospel according to Mark, AD 65-75.
  10. Who was Mark writing for?
    Greek speaking Gentiles in Rome.
  11. Who was Matthew writing for?
    Jews who became Christians
  12. Who's gospel was last to be written and when?
    John's Gospel. AD 90-100
  13. Who was Luke writing for?
    Gentiles who became Christians
  14. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls made of?
    Animal skin, Copper and papryus
  15. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls written with?
    Carbon ink
  16. What is the longest scroll and where was it found?
    The longest scroll is 26.7 feet long, found in Cave 11.
  17. The last words of 5 men are in the Scrolls. Which men?
    • Judah
    • Joseph
    • Levi
    • Naphtali
    • Amram
  18. Why is bible called the Word of God?
    It is called the Word of God because it is God's words spoken through profits and people he selected to tell the world about Christianity.
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