Fund of Comm (4)

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  1. Ambushing
    Is listening carefully for the purpose of attacking (85)
  2. Critical Listening
    Attending to communication to analyze and evaluate the content of communication or the person speaking (86)
  3. Defensive Listening
    Perceiving personal attacks, criticisms, or hostile undertones in communication where none are intended (85)
  4. Hearing
    The physiological activity that occurs when sound waves hit our eardrums.

    Unlike listening hearing is a passive process(75)
  5. Informational Listening
    Listening to gain and understand information; tends to focus on the content level of meaning (86)
  6. Listening
    A complex process that consists of being mindful, physically receiving messages, selecting and organizing information, interpreting, responding, and remembering (75)
  7. Mindfulness
    • Being fully present in the moment; the first step of listening and the foundation of all other steps.
    • From Zen Buddhism (76)
  8. Minimal Encouragers
    Communication that, by expressing interest in hearing more, gently invites another person to elaborate (89)
  9. PseudoListening
    Pretending to listen (83)
  10. Relational Listening
    • Listening to support another person or to understand another person's feelings and perceptions;
    • Focuses on the relational level of meaning as much as the content level of meaning (88)
  11. Selective Listening
    • Focusing on only selected parts of communication.
    • We listen selectively when we screen out parts of a message that don't interest us or with which we disagree and also when we rivet attention on parts of communication that do interest us or with which we agree (84)
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