Psychology ch. 5

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  1. Consciousness
    awareness of the things around you
  2. selective attention
    focusing on one stimulus at a time
  3. preconscious
    • first level of consciousness
    • thoughts you are not thinking of
  4. unconscious
    • second level of consciousness
    • thoughts that are hidden
  5. nonconscious
    • third level of consciousness
    • basic body functions occur here
  6. altered states of consciousness
    • sleep
    • meditation
    • biofeedback
    • hypnosis
  7. circadian rythms
    biological time clock
  8. REM
    rapid eye movement
  9. insomnia
    inability to sleep
  10. night terrors
    dreams that make you gasp for air and your heart race
  11. sleep apnea
    trouble breathing when you sleep
  12. narcolepsy
    rare sleep disorder when you fall asleep at any time
  13. biofeedback
    system that provides info about something that is happening to the body
  14. hypnosis
    altered state where people respond to suggestions and behave different
  15. addiction
    when the body craves something to feel normal
  16. categories of drugs that affect consciousness
    depressants stimulants and hallucinogens
  17. depressants
    • slow the activity of the nervous system
    • alcohol and narcotics
  18. intoxication
  19. narcotics
    • relieve pain and induce sleepĀ 
    • morphine heroine codeine
  20. stimulants
    • increase nervous system activity
    • morphine cocaine amphetamines
  21. amphetamines
    helps people stay awake and lose weight
  22. hallucination
    perception of an object or sound that seem real but is no
  23. detoxification
    the removal of the harmful substance from the body
  24. delusion
    false idea that seems real
  25. hallucinogens
    drugs that produce hallucinations
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