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  1. How did the Great awakening and the enlightenment affect American colonist spirts and beliefs?
    It made them question their beliefs
  2. where did many colonist want  move to after the French and Indian war? 
    The United States of America
  3. WHat did King George tell the colonist inthe Proclamation of 1763?
    he forbidded them from settling in the land
  4. Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger the colonist
    they thought they were being punished
  5. Why did King George decide to tax colonist
    he thought the war was their fault
  6. What did the stamp act require colonist to do
    pay taxes
  7. What product did the townshend acts placed new duties taxes on
    glass, lead, paint paper & tea
  8. Why did British search warrent/writs of assitance anger american colonist
    they made lawful for officers to enter any business or home
  9. What did the american colonist in Boston do in response to the Tea Act
    they closed the bOston Harbor
  10. Why did American call the coercive acts the intorable acts
    because they were so harsh
  11. What did some coercive acts violate
    the bill of rights
  12. what were the first 3 parts of coercive (intolerable) act
    • 1. boston port
    • 2. stamp act
    • 3. declaratory act
  13. how did the first continental respond to the Coerive Act
    • sent letter to King
    • boycotted
  14. When and where were the first battles of the revolutionary war
    Lexington and Concord MAy 1775
  15. What decision did the second continetial congress have to make
    work toward peace or split with Brittian
  16. What did Thomas Payne's pamphlet persuade many Americans to do
    To rebel against the Kings vengence and abuse of power
  17. Who wrote the declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  18. What ideas about government did he use in the declaration of Indepence
    A endowed by the creator with certian _____ _____, that among these are _____, ____, and the _____ __ ______.
    B) Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers form the ____ of the _____.
    C) What idea did he use from Jean_Jacque Rousseau?
  19. A - unalienable rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
    • B) contest, governed
    • C/ that government should protect peoples freedom
  20. When did the second Continetial Congress approve the declaration of independence
    July 4, 1776
  21. Why is the declaration of Independence considered to be a revoltionary document
    no other natons government was based on those principles
  22. What s a republic
    a government based on representative democracy
  23. Magna Carta:
              Established the principle of ______ government
  24. limited
  25. Magna Carta:
        limited the ______ power
  26. Magna Carta:
          gave rights to _____ men, equal _____, trial by one's  ______
    • free
    • treatment
    • peers
  27. gave nobles the right to ______ if the _____ broke the _______
    • rebel
    • king
    • agreement
  28. What was Englands legislature (law-making body)
  29. THe English Bill of Rights: Made _____ stronger than the ____
    • parliament
    • king
  30. English ______ had rights that no ____ could violate
    • citizens
    • King
  31. English Bill of Rights

    Citizens had a right to a ____ _____
    fair trial
  32. English Bill of Rights

    Citizens could not be _____ unless parliamnet agreed
  33. Enlightenment: Belief that laws of science can be discovered through
    human reason
  34. What was John Locke's 3 natural rights
    • live
    • freedom
    • own property
  35. John Locke's social contract said that if a ruler didnt give people rights then the people could
    choose new leaders
  36. What did Montesquieu belive about the power of governmnet
    he belived in making branches
  37. What did Montesquieu belive in the seperation of powers
    so no one would get too strong and threaten peoples rights
  38. How did the government Jamestown, Virginia change in 1916
    allowed the colony to make its own laws
  39. What was this change the beginning of Colonial America?
    They estabished a direct democracy 
  40. What did the Pilgrims agree to do in the Mayflower compact
  41. What were the 2 main reasons that people from Europe came to America
    earn money

    relgious freedom
  42. How did the puritians treat people fo other relgions
    Force to leave if different worship the same
  43. What was the first Colony to have relgious freedom
    Rhode iSland
  44. Why did American colonist depend on their own colonal government instead of England for leadership
    england was to fab to communicate with
  45. what did the american colonist do inresponse to english laws in controlling their trade
    securely load and unload good & ignored laws
  46. who made the most of the laws for the colonys by the mid 1700's
    elected legislature
  47. why did the american colonist begin to resent great britian
    they had fewer rights for them
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