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  1. florence nightingale
    • nightingale pledge
    • founded 1st organized school of nuring(st. thomas, london,england)
  2. ANA
    American Nursing Association
  3. ANF
    American Nursing Foundation
  4. AAN
    American Academy for Nursing
  5. ANCC
    American Nursing Credentialing Center
  6. NLN
    National league for NUrsing (education, all nursing programs)
  7. AACN
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing (Education, university and Bachelorette  level)
  8. N-OADN
    National organization of Association Degree Nursing (education, associate degree)
  9. STTI
    sigma theta tau international (indiana university of nursing)
  10. ICN
    international Council of Nursing
  11. NSNA
    National Student nursing association
  12. Linda richards
    1st trained nurse in the us
  13. isabel hampton robb
    • 1st architect of american nursing
    • 1st ethics text for nurses
  14. Mary adelaide nutting
    1st nursing professor
  15. The Brown Report
    states that nursing education should be held in universities- baccalaureate education
  16. types of nursing programs
    • diploma schools
    • associate degree in nursing(ADN)
    • Baccalaureate degree in nursing (BDN)
    • additional clinical experience
    • masters degree in nursing(MDN)
    • Doctoral degree in nursing(PhD)
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice(DNP)
  17. BSN
    • 1st program at university of minnesota
    • brown report
    • 4yrs
  18. ADN
    • Dr. Mildred Montag
    • community college movement
    • "nursing technicians"
    • 2yrs
  19. external degree programs
    • standardized competency based assessments
    • excelsior college
    • - accredited by NLNAC
    • California State University Consortium
  20. practical nursing programs
    • differs from ADN by education and licensure
    • limited scope of practice(supervision of RN)
    • LPN(licensed practical Nurse)
    • LVN(licensed vocational nurse)
  21. licensure requirements
    • national exam NCLEX-RN/-PN (adn=ministered through NCSBN)
    • fees
    • CE
    • Criminal background check
    • active employment for number of hours
    • professional nursing activities for number of hours
  22. nurse practice act
    • regulates practice to protect public
    • defines scope of practice  
    • defines education requirements
  23. scope of practice
    a statement that describes the who what when where and how of nursing practice
  24. social policy statement
    describes the professional framework and obligations of nursing (ANA)
  25. accreditation
    organizations are evaluated on their quality based on minimum standards
  26. apprenticeship model
    provides on the job training and formal education
  27. articulation
    formal agreement between institutions that allows programs at one institution to be credited toward direct entry at another
  28. credentializing
    process used to ensure that practitioners are qualified to perform and to monitor continued licensure
  29. certification
    process by which a nongovernmental agency validates an individual nurses qualification for practice based on predetermined standards
  30. diploma schools of nursing
    • nursing school associated with a hospital that offers a nursing degree that is not offered through a college 
    • 3yrs
  31. accountability
    obligation or willingness to accept responsibility
  32. autonomy
    self governing, freedom to act on what you know
  33. burnout
    exhaustion of physical or emotional strength
  34. code of ethics
    provisions that makes explicit the primary goals values and obligations of the nursing profession (ANA)
  35. nursing practice act
    act that governs nursing practice
  36. nurse residency
    employment program that helps RN graduates transition to practice
  37. practicum
    a course that includes clinical activities and stresses the practical application of theory in a field of study
  38. preceptor
    experienced staff member who guides student learning
  39. advance directives
    a legal document that allows a person to describe his or her medical care preferences
  40. breach of duty
    the proximate cause that is legally sufficient in liability for harm to a patient
  41. informed consent
    permission required by law to explain or disclose information about the medical problem and treatment procedure so that the patient can have informed choice
  42. living will
    a document that describes a persons wishes related to his or her end of life care needs
  43. malpractice
    act that does not meet the standard of professional competence and results in provable damage to his or her patient
  44. negligence
    failure to exercise the care toward others that a reasonable or prudent person would have under the same circumstances
  45. systematic approach to heath care
    florence nightingdale
  46. theory of caring in nursing
    jean watson
  47. the science of unitary human beings
    martha E. Rogers
  48. self-care deficit nursing theory
    dorothea e. orem
  49. the roy adaptation model
    callista Roy
  50. the neuman system model
    betty neuman
  51. systems framework and theory of goal attainment
    Imogene M. King
  52. behavioral system model
    dorothy johnson
  53. theory of human becoming
    rosemarie Parse
  54. Trans-cultural nursing model
    madeleine Leininger
  55. interpersonal relations model
    Hildegard Peplau
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