Tech-Special Procedures(Thoracostomy Tube)

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  1. When is a thoracostomy done?
    • significant amt of pleural effusion
    • pneumothorax
  2. This is usually done under anesthesia but what else may be adequate in some cases?
    lidocaine (local)
  3. What positions?
    • sternal
    • lateral
  4. The entire thorax should be clipped and draped making sure to leave what visible?
    the 13th rib as a landmark
  5. A circle and an x mark what two sites?
    • circle-site of skin incision
    • x-site of pleural space puncture
  6. Is the needle inserted directly into the cavity?
    no you make a sq tunnel first
  7. How do you measure the tube?
    point of insertion to thoracic inlet
  8. Required materials for thoracostomy tube placement:C3CCH/A
    • chest tube
    • 3 way stop cock
    • connection tubing
    • clamps (minimum of 2!)
    • heimlich walve or active sealed drain(typically not used in small animals)
  9. The chinese finger not is used for what?
    to anchor the chest tube
  10. The purse string suture is used for what?
    to secure the test tube
  11. What are the 2 types of sunctions?
    • manual aspiration(tube capped)
    • continuous sunction(hooked to machine)
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