Psychology Ch. 6 Memory

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  1. what are the three stages of memory?
    sensory store, short term memory, long term memory
  2. what is iconic memory
    visual memory, lasts fraction of a second
  3. echoic memory
    auditory memory, lasts couple of seconds
  4. what is the duration of short term memory?
    30 seconds
  5. what is the capacity of short term memory?
    7 +- 2
  6. how do you increase the duration of short term memory?
  7. how do you increase the capacity of short term memory?
    chunking the information
  8. what are the two types of long term memory
    declarative-- facts

    procedural-- knowing how to do something
  9. what is an example of proactive interference when it comes to memory?
    you're used to driving automatic and switch to stick shift
  10. retroactive interference
    what you remember know interferes with what you remembered beforeĀ 

    ex. old phone numbers
  11. what is a schema?
    clusters of knowledge in ltm about objects, people, events. it is your idea of an average experience at a certain place, with a certain person, etc.
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