Fund of Comm (6)

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  1. Artifacts
    Personal objects we use to announce our identifies and personalize our environments (132)
  2. Chronemics
    A type of nonverbal communications concerned with how we perceive and use time to define identifies and interaction (136)
  3. Environmental Factors
    • Elements of setting that effect how we feel and act.
    • Environmental factors are a type of nonverbal communication (135)
  4. Haptics
    Nonverbal communication that involves physical touch (131)
  5. Kinesics
    Body position and body motions, including those of the face (129)
  6. Nonverbal Communication
    • All forms of communication other than words themselves;
    • Includes inflection and other vocal qualities as well as several other behaviors (123)
  7. Paralanguage
    • Vocal communication that does not include actual words;
    • for example sounds,vocal qualities, accents, and inflection. (137)
  8. Physical Appearance
    • Physical features of people and the values attached to those features;
    • A type of nonverbal communication (131)
  9. Proxemics
    A type of nonverbal communication that includes space and how we use it.
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