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    • Alternative dispute resolution ADR
    • Alternative to traditional litigation . Is less expensive and less time consuming than formal litigation . it is very flexible. more than 90 percent of civil lawsuits are settled before trial
  1. Negotiation
    The simplest form of alternative dispute resolution. Parties come together informally with out an attorney to represent themselves
  2. Mini trial
    A private proceeding in which each party's attorney briefly argues the parties case before the other party
  3. early neutral case evaluation
    The parties like a neutral third party generally an expert in the subject matter of the dispute to evaluate their respective positions
  4. Facilitation
    In which third parties assist the disputing parties reconciling the differences
  5. Mediation
    One of the oldest forms of of alternative resolution . Neutral third party acts the mediator and works with both sides and the dispute a facilitation a resolution
  6. Arbitration
    The more formal for method of alternative dispute resolution. Third-party decisions may be legally binding on the parties
  7. Submission
    Is the act of referring a dispute to an arbitrator
  8. Award
    The final decision of the arbitrator
  9. choice of law clause
    Parties may choose to have the loss of specific States government the agreement
  10. Summary jury trial
    A mock trial that occurs in a courtroom before a judge and jury
  11. American Arbitration Association
    a major source of private arbitration service
  12. Online dispute resolution
    the settlement of disputes in these online forums
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