Fund of Comm (7)

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  1. Assimilation
    The giving up of one's own ways for those of another culture (164)
  2. Belief
    • An assumption about what is true, accurate, or factual. 
    • A belief may be false even though it is accepted as true (155)
  3. Culture
    Beliefs, understandings, practices, and ways of interpreting experience that are shared by a number of people (147)
  4. Cultural Calamity
    • Adversity that brings about change in a culture; 
    • One of four ways culture change. (161)
  5. Cultural Relativism
    • The idea that cultures vary in how they think, act, and behave as well as in what they believe and value;
    • Not the same as normal relativism. (163)
  6. Diffusion
    • The incorporation or integration of characteristics of one culture into another as a result of contact between the two.
    • Diffusion is one of four ways cultures change
    • (161)
  7. Ethnocentrism
    The tendency to regard ourselves and our way of life as superior to other people and other ways of life. (163)
  8. High-Context Communication style
    The indirect and undetailed communication favored in collectivist cultures. (150)
  9. Low-Context Communication
    The direct, precise, and detailed communication favor in individualistic cultures (150)
  10. Norm
    • An informal rule that guides how members of a group or culture think, feel, act, and interact.
    • Norms defines what is normal or appropriate in various situations (156)
  11. Rsspect
    A response to cultural diversity in which one values others' customs, traditions, and values, even if one does not actively incorporate them into one's own life (165)
  12. Social Community
    A group of people who live within a dominant culture yet who also have common distinctive experiences and patterns of communicating (148)
  13. Understanding
    A Response to cultural diversity in which is assumed that differences are rooted in cultural teachings and that no traditions, customs, and behaviors are intrinsically more valuable than others (164)
  14. Values
    Views of what is good, right, and important that are shared by members of particular culture (156)
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