Names in Cellular Biology

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  1. Luria, Bertani, Weigle
    Obsevered some strains of e.coli were resistant to Lambda phage
  2. Werner Arber
    • Identified Restriction due to cutting of lambda DNA
    • Observed methylation
  3. Arber, Linn, Meselson and Yuan
    Isolated EcoK (first restriction endonuclease)
  4. Hamilton Smith
    Isolated H. Influenzae retricion enzyme (HindI)
  5. Daniel Nathans
    Restriction map of SV40 with HindIII
  6. Sharp, Sugden, Sambrook
    Something to do with Agarose gel
  7. Robert? Southern
    Southern Blotting
  8. Kary Mullis
    Spoke to a green glowing Raccon
  9. P. Berg
    Ligated plasmid and phage DNA using added A's and T's
  10. S. Cohen, A.Chang
    Used Mendel and Higa's technique to introduce antibiotic resistant plasmid to e. coli
  11. Boyer, Cohen and Chang
    Used sticky ends produced by restriction enzyme to create recombinant plasmid
  12. Birnboim and Dolly
    Alkaline Lysis
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