Infection and Disease part 4

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  1. What is the incubation stage and the incubation period?
    is the time from the first exposure to the pathogen to the time symptoms become apparents

    length of incubation period varies considerably for some microorganisms
  2. What does the incubation time depend on?
    health of the host

    virulence of the microb

    generation of time of the pathogen

    time for organism to migrate from point of entry to site of infection
  3. What is the prodromal stage (phase or period)?
    short period just before sprcific symptoms set in where the patient experiences malaise (general feeling of discomfort, headach, joint pain, muscle ache)
  4. What happens at the invasion period of illness or sickness?
    When the pathogen is multiplying, producing toxins.

    signs and symptoms include cough, rash, diarrhea

    immune system is responding to pathogen

    corresponds to symptoms seen during an acute or chronic infection
  5. What happens at the decline phase?
    The patient's condistion worsens

    immue system works  to remove microbe, but unsuccessful

    high levels of immunological molecules, antibodies. (elevate white blood cell)

    patient either recovers or the disease is fatal
  6. what is the convalescence?
    recovery period

    patient survives the infection

    microbes eliminated from the body

    signs and symptoms abate and patient starts to feel better

    affected tissues and systems are repaired.
  7. What are non-infectious diseases?
    diseases caused by factors other than microbes.
  8. What are the non-infectious diseases caused by?
    • diiiicennm
    • Idiopathic disease-unknown causing disease
    • Iatrogenic disease-procedural error or surgical
    • Neoplastic diseases-abnormal cell growth (tumor)
    • immunological diseases-disease by immune sys
    • mental diseases-infeciton due to emotion or psych
    • endocrine diseases-abscence of hormones
    • nutritional deficiencies-disorders nutrient deficienc.
    • degenerative diseases-age developing disorders
    • congenital diseases-birth ¬†defects
    • inherited-genetic disorders
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