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  1. Prejudice
    an opinion or feeling arising from a tendency to make assumptions about people based on a singular characteristic, such as race, sex, or religion, without any other basis
  2. Stereotypes
    implicit bias about how a person’s race, gender, class, or sexual orientation influences the individual’s behavior that become strong beliefs that influence individual or collective behavior
  3. Racial Profiling
    the use of racial or ethnic stereotype to determine who may or may not potentially be a criminal based on social and cultural assumptions of a groups’ criminality
  4. Ethnocentrism
    viewpoint that the group an individual belongs to is superior to all other racial/ethnic groups
  5. Discrimination
    treating of another based solely on that person’s membership in a particular racial group
  6. Institutional Discrimination
    occurs when opportunities and equal right have been denied to individuals or groups through the norms and rules by which society and institutions function
  7. Minority Group
    groups with less power who are targeted for oppression by the dominant group that wields power and societal control over institutions and societal norms.
  8. Racism
    systematic, oppressive treatment based on racial group membership and the beliefs, behaviors, institutional organizations, or attitudes that favor one group over another
  9. Race as a Social Construct
    not physical or biological, meaning changes with society, change revolves around need for one group to maintain economic and social power
  10. Social Institutions
    structures that are well established and make up society
  11. Ideology
    shared belief that holds power and justifies oppression
  12. Structural Inequality
    framework within a society where built-in inequalities validate the oppression of certain groups of people while privileging others
  13. Oppression
    the use of power to in an unjust or harmful way that keeps whole groups of people from gaining economic, educational, and social advancement
  14. Controlling images
    stereotype that has become so ingrained in thought that it becomes a means to control those who are stereotyped and justifies the beliefs of those doing the stereotyping
  15. Internalized Oppression
    belief system that causes people within racial groups to subconsciously believe the distorted messages about racial groups, including their own
  16. Systems of oppression
    patterns of relationships that are used to discriminate against people
  17. Race
    constructed idea rather than a physical or biological fact, the definition is imposed by others and cannot be changed by the individual
  18. Ethnicity
    refers to members of a group that is recognized by the members of the group and is based on social or cultural characteristic rather than just physical characteristics
  19. Hate Groups
    groups that take radical measures to discriminate against non-white groups, resorting to violence
  20. Micro-discrimination
    discrimination occurring when an individual performs a discriminatory act against another individual or group of individuals
  21. Macro-discrimination
    discrimination is a systematic through excluding different groups from receiving equal treatment and opportunities in the larger society
  22. Structural Racism
    when policies, practices, and cultural norms act in ways that perpetuate racial inequality
  23. Dominant Group
    people in a society who control social, economic, and political power
  24. Systematic Racism
    way to organize society based on inequality between races that is perpetuated by institutional structures, such as the justice and educational systems that favor one race over another through advantages, privileges, and head starts
  25. Racialization
    process of extending racial meanings to a relationship, social practice, or group that had not been previously associated with race
  26. Subordinate Group
    people in a society who have little control of social, economic, and political power
  27. Assimilation
    the process that involves a group gradually blending into the dominant culture
  28. Eugenics
    practice of selective breeding to “improve” the racial quality of future generations, no mixing races
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