Enlightened Monarchs Prussia and Russia

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  1. Enlighten Monarchs: Absolute Monarchs Who
    • Want to help their people with reforms
    • Do not believe democracy
  2. Prussia
    • German state
    • Royal Family: Hohenzollern
    • Builds powerful army
  3. Frederick the Great
    • Prussian Monarch
    • Invades Poland
    • Reforms Laws:
    • Religious toleration
    • No torture
  4. Russia
    • Royal Family: Romanovs
    • Russian Kings are called Czars
  5. Peter The Great
    • Creates a modern military
    • Gains land along the Baltic Sea
    • Wants to trade with Western Europe
  6. St.Petersburg
    • Window on the west
    • Becomes new Russian capital *Old capital was Moscow*
  7. Westernization
    • Peter wants Russia to be like Western Europe
    • Introduces: Beard Tax
    • Western clothing and culture
  8. Catherine The Great
    • Continues to Westernize Russia
    • Reforms the Legal System (No torture)
    • Builds schools for boys and girls
    • Attacks Ottoman Empire
    • Gains access to Black Sea
    • Conquers part of Poland
  9. Result of Peter and Catherine
    • Russia becomes largest country
    • Still not as advanced as Western Europe
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