Osvaldo quiz - nervous system

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  1. Draw a neuron and its parts
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  2. What is the nervous system?
    It controls body movement, behavior and thought.

    It is an organ system that contains a network of specialized cells called neurons.
  3. The nervous system is divided into _________
    and __________.
    The nervous system is divided into the brain_and _the spinal cord.
  4. the four parts of the brain and its functions
    1 - cerebrum : interprets information, controls muscle movement, thinking and language

    2- cerebellum :  controls balance, posture, and helps fine tune movement.

    3- brain stem : maintains the blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration and digestion

    4- spinal cord : a tube of neurons that sends information to the brain
  5. what are three types of drugs?
    1 - Depressants : you feel relaxed. examples, alcohol and cannabis

    2- Stimulants: stimulate the brain, increase body temperature etc. examples  coffee, energy drinks

    3 - Hallucinogens : affect your perception. you see and hear things that are not there. examples: LSD, mushrooms
  6. What is the endocrine system?
    A system made of glands that helps balance the body's processes like growth and sugar level in the blood.
  7. What is a gland?
    An organ that produces a chemical substance.
  8. What does the pituitary control?
    • Development and growth,
    • it controls the thyroid,
    • the ovaries, testes and other glands.
  9. the pancreas controls...?
    the amount of glucose in the blood.
  10. The parathyroid controls.....?
    The amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.
  11. What is diabetes?
    a condition where the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin to convert sugar into energy.
  12. Gigantism is an excess of ___________- hormone.
    Gigantism is an excess of growth hormone.
  13. In osteoporosis the bones....
    In osteoporosis the bones are fragile and break easily.
  14. Hyperthyroidism is an excess of ....
    Hyperthyroidism is an excess of thyroid hormone.
  15. what are the external female and male reproductive organs?
    female: vulva.

    male: penis and testicles.
  16. What are the internal male organs?
    • testicles,
    • epididymis,
    • vas deferens,
    • prostate gland,
    • seminal vesicle,
    • the urethra
  17. What are secondary sexual characteristics?
    Secondary sexual characteristics are related to each sex but not to sexual reproduction.
  18. Explain two male and two female secondary characteristics.
    Male: muscles, facial hair

    famale: breasts and hips, menstrual cycle
  19. What is the male hormone?
  20. What are the two female hormones?


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