Physiological processes

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  1. The physiological processes are
    • photsynesis
    •  cell respiration
    •  translocation
    •  absorption
    •  transpiration
  2. the photosynesis process is
    the chlorophyll complex is the process by which plants manufacture the carbohydrates( and starches and sugars) they require to live and grow
  3. this happens by...
    green pigment chlorophyll in the presence of water, light, and carbon dioxide, chlorophyll captures light energy and chemically converts it carbohydrate, producing oxygen gas is a byproduct.
  4. formula
    water+light+ carbon dioxide in the presence of chlorophyll=carbohydrates+Oxygen gas
  5. cellular respiration
    • breaks down carbohydrates into energy
    •  requires carbohydrates and oxygen
  6. cellular respiration formula is
    carbohydrates+oxygen gas= energy+water+carbon dioxide gas
  7. Does cellular respiration require light
  8. translocation
    the movement of carbohydrates, minerals,and water through the plant
  9. Source-to-sink
    • movement of sugar in the phloem
    • where sugars are taken from their site of manufacture or storage(source) to another storage site(sink)
  10. absorption and foliar absorption
    • foliar-absorb through the leaves
    • primary absorbed through the roots
  11. two processes of absorption
    active absorption to transport to passive transport to transport
  12. active absorption requires
    Oxygen and energy required for the process
  13. passive absorption requires
    through process of osmosis where water moves  through cell membranes
  14. Transpiration is
    opposite of absorption,involves loss of water,water liquid is released from a plant in the form of vapor from leave,stems,and flowers.
  15. transpiration is affected by
    • temperature
    • humidity,
    • and wind
  16. increases transpiration..
    high temperature, low humidity,wind
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