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  1. alpha 2 receptors work where?
    in the smooth muscle of the bv causing vasodilation
  2. alpha 1 receptors cause what??
    work in the smooth muscle of bv, stomach and intestine causing vasoconstriction, decreased motility and tone
  3. Beta 1 receptors work where??
    what do they cause?
    • in the heart...
    • cause increased rate and force of contraction
  4. Where do beta 2 receptors work??
    • lungs, heart, uterine and skeletal muscle
    • cause vasoldilation
  5. Labetalol is different from other Beta Blockers... how is this??
    it is actually a alpha and beta blocker mixed.. it ends in alol instead of olol

  6. BB end in???
  7. Beta blockers are generally used to treat (5)?
    • 1. HTN
    • 2. arrhythmias
    • 3. angina
    • 4. HF -- USE CAUTION!!!
    • 5. migraines ---prophylaxis
  8. Which Bblockers are used to treat migraines?
    propranolol & timolol
  9. What Bblocker is not used to treat HTN but used instead only for arrhythmias?
  10. Adrenergic means??
    has epi and norepi qualitites--from SNS

    beta blockers block SNS actions
  11. All BB have similar MOA..what is this??
    competitive blockade of Beta Adrenergic receptors.

    Results in decreased heart rate, myocardial contractility, blood pressure, and myocardial oxygen demand
  12. Effects of Beta Blockade cause what??

    Explain process
    decreased CO and HR

    Slowing of AV conduction system prevents increase in cardiac automaticity and prolongs refractory period.

    BP is lowered by decreasing CO, PVR, venous return, plasma volume, and renin release.
  13. BB also decrease _______damage of the ______?

    What kind of arrhythmias are BB good to treat?
    • microvascular
    • myocardium

    supraventricular tachycardias
  14. BB must be used with caution in what kind of other diseases?
    • Any type of heart block
    • sinus bradycardia
    • cardiogenic shock
    • CHF
    • preggo
    • elderly
    • children 

    Use caution with diabetes!!!! RISK OF DEVELOPING DIABETES IS HIGH!! This is the reason that BB are not considered first line treatment with HTN.
  15. BB are the treatment of choice for _____ and _______?
    chronic and unstable angina

    Goal is to reduce frequency and severity of signs and symptoms, and to improve exercise capacity without significant side effects.
  16. AHA recommends all patients receive a BB _______?
    • Post MI
    • Improves survival rate.
  17. BB used for headaches?
    • reduce frequency and intensity of headache.
    • propranolol, timolol, nadolol, and atenolol.
  18. Do BB cause weight gain??
    they reduce the rate of metabolism due to decrease bp and hr (or decrease nutrients to tissues) 

    they also increase accumulation of body fat
  19. Patient education on BB and impotence???
    Inform patient that this will resolve and not to quit taking their medication.  Should resolve in 7-10 days.

    Impotence occurs with all BP MEDs
  20. Do not give what drug with BB??
    NSAIDS- they interact with each other!!!
  21. Atenolol is pregnancy category
  22. Which BB can be given to children??
  23. You should monitor your patient for weight gain and bradycardia!!
  24. What is your concern with giving patients BB with HF?
    • decrease CO
    • decrease contractility
    • but increased ef
  25. What Vaughn Williams class are these drugs?
  26. Propanolol (Inderal)
    When should you not prescribe this med?
    • uncompensated HF- may further depress cardiac contractility
    • cardiogenic shock
    • bradycardia or HB
    • pulmonary edema
    • severe asthma and COPD
    • Raynauds disease
    • pregnancy
  27. Propanolol dose
    • 40 mg bid
    • titrate every 3-7 days
    • usual dose is 40-160 mg dose in two doses.
    • SR is 60-180 mg once daily.
  28. Teach patient to report which SERIOUS symptoms while taking BB???

    Name 3 other SE:
    leg swelling, SOB, exercise fatigue and nocturnal cough

    --bronchoconstrictions, decrease HR and cardiac output
  29. What would your signs of toxicity be?
    decreased BP AND HR
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