Para and Tetra Mat Activities and Transfers

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  1. Supine to prone
    • Place outside leg on top of other leg
    • Cross arms straight out in front of chest at the wrists
    • -If necessary assistant can put arm in front of direction being rolled to. This lets patient push on my arm with theres to use more reversal muscle actions to roll over
    • Use head to help
    • Really use scapula
  2. POE with assist
    • Pull up on patient's shoulders
    • Bring elbows under shoulders
  3. POE without assist
    • Put elbows close to trunk
    • Hands near shoulders
    • Push elbows into mat while lifting head and upper trunk
    • Shift weight from one side to other side to position elbows under shoulders
  4. Stabilization
    • Alternating isometrics
    • Rhythmic stabilization
  5. Controlled Mobility
    • Slow reversals
    • Slow reversal hold
    • Agnostic reversal
  6. POE to supine
    • Shift wt onto one elbow
    • Cross legs
    • Extend and rotate head
    • Throw unweighted hand behind back
  7. Supine on elbows with assist
    • Flex head and chin
    • I help lift upper trunk with hands on shoulders
    • Rock head side to side and pull elbows back
  8. Supine on elbows without assist
    • Tuck hands under butt
    • Elbow flex and stabilize on one arm
    • Walk unweighted elbow back
    • Repeat with other till elbows under/behind shoulders.
  9. Long sitting with assist
    • Start in supine on elbows
    • Shift to one side, use head to help
    • Throw unweighted arm behind back and behind butt
    • -Be sure arm is in ER and shoulder extension
    • - Upon contact quickly depress arm to lock it into elbow extension
    • Repeat with other arm
  10. Long sitting without assist (C7 and below)
    Patient has triceps so just pushes up into long sitting
  11. Push ups
    • Patient brings hands besides hips
    • Head/upper trunk flexion
    • Push arms into mat.
  12. What type of transfer for C4
    Max assist
  13. C5 Transfer
    • Dependent with transfer board
    • Pt uses away arm and hooks on WC arm and pulls near butt cheek forward
    • Head flexed down and away to pull butt up and assistant puts transfer board under
    • Assistant helps across and patient pushes off of WC arm
  14. C6 transfer
    • Independent with transfer board
    • Pt pulls close leg over far leg
    • Use tendonesis of wrist extension to graps transfer board
    • Head flexed and away to help put board under butt
    • Push against farther WC arm with farther arm while other arm pushes down on the end of sliding board
    • Neck bend and look away with each push to help move along board
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