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  1. Commas link ___ clauses with a coordination___.
    Independent, conjunction
  2. Use a comma ___ an introductory element.
  3. Use a comma with more than __ items in a series.
  4. Use commas with ___ adjectives.
  5. Use commas for brief sentence ____.
  6. Use commas for longer sentence ___ that are not ___ to the sentence.
    interrupters, essential
  7. Use a comma to introduce or complete a ____ with a ___ clause.
    quotation, dependent
  8. Use a comma when ____ two strongly contrasting ____ or ___.
    emphasizing, ideas or points
  9. Sentence fragment
    a sentence that is not complete
  10. A complete sentence must have a 1)___ 2)___ 3)___
    subject, predicate, complete thought
  11. What are the eight parts of speech?
    Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Preposition, Conjunctions, Interjections
  12. What does PIE stand for?
    point, illustration, evaluation
  13. Basic Essay Structure
    Image Upload
  14. What two parts does a thesis consist of?
    your topic and a claim
  15. Four types of Introductions
    Narrative, Specific Detail, Quotation, Interesting Statistc
  16. Four types of Conclusion
    Logical, Real or Rhetorical Questioning, Opinion, Recommendation
  17. Pyramid Plot Structure
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  18. Eight Elements of Fiction
    Plot, Setting, Point of View, Language, Tone, Character, Conflict, Theme
  19. Omniscient Narrator
    knows everyone's thoughts and feelings (intrusive&objective)
  20. Limited point of view narration
    confines to a single character's perception of events
  21. Self-reflexive novel
    incorporates the writing of the story into the story
  22. Aphorism
    a concise statement of a principle or precept given in carefully chosen words
  23. Sagacity
    Smart and wide to make a decision
  24. Surreptitous
    Obtained or done by stealth
  25. Spurious
    Not genuine or true; bot from the claimed source
  26. Querulous
    full of complaints
  27. Precocious
    Unusually advanced or mature in development
  28. Orator
    A public speaker
  29. Prosaic
    common place or dull
  30. Ostentatious
    Characterized bu vulgar or pretentious display; design to impress
  31. Perfidious
    deceitful and untrustworthy
  32. Jubilation
    A feeling of great happiness
  33. Novice
    A person who is new; beginner
  34. Opulent
    Characterized by wealth; abundant or plentiful
  35. Fortuitous
    Happening by accident
  36. Hackneyed
    Lacking of originality because of overuse
  37. Hedonist
    A person who believes the purist of pleasure is the most important thing in life
  38. Florid
    having a red or flush complexion
  39. Evanescent
    quickly fading or disappearing
  40. Ephemerial
    lasting for a very sort time
  41. Enervating
    to deprive of force or strength
  42. Demagogue
    a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims in order to gain power
  43. Circuitous
    having a circular or winding course
  44. Deletrious
    injurious or harmful
  45. Censure
    strong expression of disapproval
  46. Benevolent
    kindly; friendly
  47. Assiduous
    showing great care
  48. Aesthetic
    having a sense of beauty
  49. Anachronistic
    Not in chronological order
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