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  1. Grooming Standards: 

    Hair, sideburns, mustache
    • 1. no hair below top 1/2 of shirt collar
    • 2. will not cover more than 1/2" of ear
    • 3. not in front of eyes, not visible when wearing a hat
    • 4. no corn rows, bouffants, or braids
    • 5. sideburns neatly trimmed, will end with a clean shaven horizontal line, and not flared or shaped
    • 6. mustache not more than 1/2" below corner of mouth and won't touch lower lip. no waxed ends
    • 7. ho hair below lower lip
  2. Grooming: 

    • 1. fingernails no more than 1/8" from fingertip
    • 2. clear nail polish
    • 3. cosmetics-none for male except to cover tattoo. must match skin tone
  3. Grooming: 

    Female, jewelry, etc.
    • 1. extension of hair from scalp not to exceed 2"
    • 2. no more than 2 rings (wedding band and engagement considered one ring)
    • 3. no bracelets unless dept approved
    • 4. no earrings
    • 5. sunglasses conservative and not detract from professional appearance
    • 6. pins, badges, etc need dept approval
  4. Tattoos:
    • 1. no visible tats (after hire date 2/1/2010)
    •                ALL PERSONNEL:
    • 1. none on face, head, neck, scalp
    • 2. prejudicial, or anything to bring discredit to the dept.
    • 3. sexually explicit, obscene, racial, etc. 
    • 4. tats need to be covered with appropriate bandage, clothing, etc
  5. Peircings:
    any visible piercing is prohibited

    *also included are dental veneers and caps (gold, platinum, etc.)
  6. Reserves:
    • 1. Min 18 yrs old
    • 2. required to work 36 hrs/month
    • 3. donate 12 hrs per year of pub ed
    • 4. monthly shift meetings
    • 5. need approval from shift leader to work other stations other than what they are assigned
  7. RM-1 will be filled out for?
    • 1. on duty accident
    •     a. completed within 24 hrs of incident
    •     b. "first aid only" if medical no attention 
    •     c. "industrial" if medical attention needed

    *RM-1 found on G-Drive under forms
  8. What's an RM-5?
    workers comp claim, signed by supervisor if medical attention is required.
  9. Where do injuries need to be written? And what does it need to include?
    station log book. include time, date, and brief description

    *Duty Chief needs to be notified through chain of command.
  10. If injured where are you to report?
    CVO, Memorial Occupational, Dr. Sanchez, or Industrial Medical Group
  11. What do you do for burn injuries?
    sent to appropriate facilities, or grossman burn center

    *workers comp claims need to be directed to risk management
  12. What is policy on public statements regarding injuries?
    personnel shall not provide information or statements as to the cause of any accident, allow photos to be taken or admit fault of liability.
  13. Donating blood
    personnel can donate to the BFD group account at houchin blood bank. this can be used for BFD personnel, spouses, children, parents, grandparents and in-laws
  14. Incident reporting should be made based on F-A-C-C-C-T, what does this stand for?
    factual, accurate, clear, concise, complete, and  timely

    *written for any call given a run number, toned out and cancelled, response by truck to KRN call too
  15. For emergency call back, what are the steps to be taken?
    1. sign company log at their station at time of turnout pick up. if you have your turnouts, sign the sheet in the BC vehicle. you are on duty when you sign not when you call.
  16. Jury duty, how much are you compensated?
    $20 for 8 hours or any part thereof.

    if called to court during that time, personnel shall be paid stand by time plus OT for hours in court with minimum two hours call back time
  17. If representing BFD in court, what is appropriate attire?
    class A uniform
  18. Can you mix a shift of vacation with a shift trade?
    no, unless the person has less than one shift of vacation on the books
  19. A notice of intent to discipline shall be given to an employee within ___ days of decision to discipline, but not less than ___ hours prior to imposing it?
    30 days: 48 hours
  20. An employee has ___ days to file a written response to adverse comments placed in their personnel file?

    An employee has ___days or two regular shifts to request a disciplinary hearing (skelly meeting)?
    30 days: 5 days
  21. What are the order of disciplinary options?
    • 1. counseling interview (not placed in file)
    • 2. confirmation of verbal reprimand  
    • 3. employee consultation report
    • 4. suspension, demotion, reduction in pay, and termination
  22. Use of force guidelines:
    • 1. may use only the amount of force necessary to gain compliance with the law. 
    • 2. force shouldn't be escalated unless initial force is obviously ineffective.
  23. When should a helmet be worn?
    at any emergency incident with the exception of medical aids.

    or at any drill or schooling when a ladder or tools are involved and being used overhead

    or any possibility of injury
  24. When can wildland PPE be worn?
    • 1. During extended operations where greater mobility is needed
    • 2. technical rescues, confined space, etc.
  25. When is a PFD needed?
    within 10 ft of waters edge. 

    *turnout coats, pants, boots, or structural helmets shall not be worn within 10 ft of waters edge.
  26. When is a reflective vest needed?
    any time dealing with hazards of moving traffic, federal-aid highway, and streets and highways open to the public.

    *should not be used if required to wear SCBA or in close proximity to a source of heat (fire suppression)
  27. When should PPE not be worn?
    any non-departmental related purpose (ie. vehicle maintenance, painting, welding, etc)
  28. Live fire training will require what?
    • 1. 1,000 GPM water supply or (1) 3,000 gal water tender
    • 2. minimum (2) 1,500 GPM pumpers and should be a min 100 ft from the structure

    *records will be kept for a min 20 years
  29. Wildland PPE should include?
    • 1. boots with 8" upper
    • 2. BFD issued brush jacket and pants
    • 3. long pants, and cotton shirt, long sleeve preferred
    • 4. leather gloves with 4.5" gauntlet
    • 5. double layering is mandatory
  30. Who do we call for haz-mat chemical info?
  31. What is required for outside employment?
    • 1. fill out outside employment sheet
    • 2. shall not engage in more than 312 hours of outside employment per quarter calendar year. 
    • 3. no conflict of interest.
  32. In the even of an earthquake, what is to be done?
    • 1. all apparatus should be moved outside and remain there
    • 2. all radios should remain "on" during the emergency
    • 3. all spare fire hose and turnout gear should be removed from stations
  33. During a major disaster, where should personnel report?
    All personnel should report to headquarters station. 

    Station 1 for batallion 1 to pick up safety equipment

    Station 6 for battalion 2 to pick up safety gear
  34. During a major disaster, what are response criteria?
    • 1. only one (1) piece of equipment for any nature call whatsoever. 
    • 2. patrols with a radio will patrol the city in no set route to patrol for fires or other emergencies. they should report them and continue on
  35. During an emergency, any apparatus "available" on radio with no further assignment should proceed where?
    to the nearest fire station
  36. Mutual aid assignments: OES 299 should be staffed with?
    4 personnel that are at least RS1 certified, but may include non RS1 if necessary.
  37. Mutual Aid: Length of deployments?
    all personnel should be prepared for at minimum of 72 hours, with a maximum of 14 or 21 uninterrupted days.
  38. Mutual aid: rest and rehab?
    1. if returning after 20:00 hrs, personnel shall be granted leave for remainder of the shift
  39. What agencies approve SCBA's?
  40. SCBA's should be used in what atmosphere?
    IDLH and any atmosphere below 19.5% oxygen
  41. Pregnant females should notify _____ ______ as soon as they have medical confirmation of pregnancy?
    Deputy Chief
  42. Who decides whether to stage or stand by at a hostile situation?
    the captain. if there is an obvious hostile situation, law enforcement should be on scene before making entry.
  43. Notice of separation: who should be notified and when?

    Who do you turn in your equipment to?
    Deputy Chief, 10 days prior to the actual separation date. 

    The appropriate battalion chief within 72 hrs. after last shift worked
  44. When are driver safety awards given out?
    given to personnel who have 5,10,15,and 20+ years of driving service without negative incidents on their record
  45. Travel and lodging reimbursement needs to be given ___ days ahead of time?
  46. Tuition reimbursement: requirements?
    Satisfactorily completed classes are C in undergrad, and B in grad
  47. Diesel exhaust in stations, what is required?
    1. all diesel vehicles will have block heaters in operation at all times when parked on the app floor

    2. climatic weather conditions and time of day will not be reason for non-compliance
  48. Personal business and parking:
    no red zone, fire lane parking if non emergency

    shopping shall utilize the most "reasonable" vehicle
  49. Nepotism:
    • 1. Can't work at same station and shift
    • 2. can't be assigned to the same battalion on the same shift
    • 3. can't supervise a relative or nepitant haha
  50. Explorer requirements:
    • 1. at least 15 yrs old
    • 2. can do ride alongs for 24 hrs. 
    • 3. shall participate in ride alongs totaling no more than 72 hrs during one month
  51. Primary bids will be posted for __ days prior to filling the vacancies?

    Can you bid an apparatus?

    When do secondary bid requests expire?
    How many secondary bids can you have?
    • 1. 10
    • 2. no
    • 3. June 30 (end of fiscal year)
    • 4. no more than 5 per year
  52. Mutual transfers will not involve exchange of gifts, money, award, or any gratuity

    How long is a mutual good for?
    Shall be rescinded within one year if either party involved terminates, promotes, or demotes
  53. Shift trades need to be in how far ahead of time?
    12 hours

    *if trade is not paid back, that person will be charged time for it. Vacation first then sick leave
  54. Telestaff, how many phone numbers need to be on file?

    How long is a telestaff call good for (2 weeks out) and for 7 day to 24 hr?
    min 1, max 2

    2 hrs: 30 min
  55. What's the maximum vacation shift (reserved in Feb) vacancies per day?
  56. What's considered critical staffing?
    6 or more vacancies in one rank

    • *personnel will be signed up and work 2 shifts by the 15th of each month
    • *personnel on light duty or vacation for 8 or more shifts are exempt
  57. Min haz mat spots?
    5 qualified personnel, including 1 captain

    *haz mat alternate may be moved to fill a vacancy from another station.
  58. Sick leave needs to be put in before what time?

    How many consecutive shifts before a doctor note is needed?
    0630, and if not before then, a BC needs to be called. 

  59. 1. When acting, assignments shall be filled from where?

    2. What % raise for acting?
    • 1. same shift or division
    • 2. 5%
  60. Turnout boots can be cleaned with what to remove tar?
    Ethyl alcohol 
  61. Personnel shall utilize head lights and all warning lights at all times when responding code 3
  62. When do you use the "wail" function?

    When do  you use the yelp function?
    • 1. primary audible device
    • 2. in conjunction with wail

    *use air horn in conjunction with both yelp and wail
  63. Personnel shall not use the hi-lo mode at any time, and won't use audible devices within __ blocks of any hospitals unless necessary?
    3 blocks
  64. Personnel shall not oppose traffic on a state highway or freeway unless contact has been made with the law enforcement agency in charge of the incident has been contacted and traffic flow has been controlled. 
  65. Personnel shall take necessary actions to protect themselves against the hazards associated with vehicle traffic on a state highway or freeway regardless of apparatus positioning. 
  66. When responding to a bomb threat, what will be done?
    captain will notify ECC of the call and related info. After, no radio transmissions will take place until the scene has been deemed clear. 
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