Lab Review:Parasites(Equine Part 2)

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  1. What is the intestinal threadworm of horses?SW
    strongyloides westeri
  2. Strongyloides westeri is a nematode found where?
    small intestines
  3. Strongyloides westeri is found is foals of what age?
  4. Route of strongyloides westeri: TPPI
    • transmammary
    • placental
    • penetration of skin
    • ingestion
  5. You can get a sample of strongyloides westeri from
    fresh feces
  6. What can strongyloides westeri erode?
    intestinal mucosa
  7. Occasionally strongyloides westeri migrates to the lungs where.....
    it causes hemorrhage and resp distress
  8. What is the equine tapeworm? AP
    anoplocephala perfoliate
  9. Where is anoplocephala perfoliate found and what can it cause?
    • ileocecal junction
    • impaction and colic
  10. IH for anoplocephala perfoliate
    orbatid mite found in hay and grain
  11. What do we prevent and treat anoplocephala with that should be given twice a year?
  12. What is the name of the fly?GI
    gastrophilus intestinalis
  13. Gastrophilus intestinalis larva are commonly called...
  14. How the gastrophilus intestinalis larva get inside the horse: CSHC
    • cemented eggs on hair shafts
    • stimulated by licking
    • hatch
    • crawl into mouth
  15. Although most of the time gastrophilus intestinalis doesn't cause the horse harm...
    Where do they penetrate
    Where are they released?
    • oral mucosa and stomach
    • feces
  16. What is spread by biting midges of the Cullicoides species?OC
    onchocerca cervicalis
  17. Onchocerca cervicalis is a nematode and where do its adults live?NL
    nuchal ligament (neck region)
  18. Onchocerca cervivalis produces lesions caused by
  19. What are some other symptoms of Onchocerca cervicalis?DOPDE
    • dermatitis
    • opthalmia
    • patchy alopecia
    • epigmentation
    • extreme ruritis
  20. Where can ochocerca cervicalis also migrate to?
    the eyes
  21. tx onchocerca cervicalis: IMA
    • ivermectin
    • moxidectin
    • adults have to be sx removed
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