Biomechanic for kinesiology

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  1. Define force
    Push or pull
  2. Define vector
    Quantity of magnitude and direction
  3. Define velocity
    A vector that describes speed or displacement
  4. Define scalar
    Only describes magnitude
  5. Define mass
    Amount of matter body contains
  6. Define inertia
    Resistance to change
  7. Define torque
    Force will produce rotation around an axis
  8. Define friction
    Motion of one surface across another
  9. What's newton first law of motion
  10. What's newton second law of motion
    Acceleration depends on the strength of the force applied to an object
  11. What's Newton's third law
    Action reaction law
  12. What's a linear force
    Two or more forces acting the same plane
  13. What's a concurrent force
    Forces using a common point but push or pull in divergent directions
  14. What's a resultant force
    Net effect on two divergent forces
  15. What's a force couple
    Two or more forces acting in equal force but opposite directions
  16. What is COG
    Center if gravity about S2 when standing
  17. What is BOS
    body in contact with support structures
  18. what is LOG
    Line of gravity vertices lie passing through COG
  19. What's is LOB
    Loss of balance COG outside BOS
  20. What is a first class lever and give an example
    • FAR
    • head in flexion and extension
  21. What is class 2 lever and give an example
    • ARF
    • Ankle PF And flexion of the brachioradialis
  22. What is a class three lever and give an example
    • AFR
    • Elbow flexion biceps brachii
  23. What is an example of a fixed pulley for the human body
    Lateral malleolus
  24. There are many moveable pulleys in the human body true or false
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