Clathrin Coat formation

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  1. recruitment
    • recruitment of AP2 adaptors facilitated by PIP2
    • -- PIP2 will bring AP2, AP180, adn epsin to the plasma memrbane, resulting in clathrin lattice formation and budding of clathrin coated vesicles
  2. Role of AP2
    • two subunits
    • one will engage the cytoplasmic tails of the receptors, allowing some to be concentrated in the vesicle
    • the other subunit will recruit clathrin molecules
  3. Release
    • release of the vesicle from the membrane carried out by dynamin
    • uses GTP and will either:
    • - change shape and cause release
    • - activate an effector protein
    • - contract and cause release
  4. As for the clathrin coat?
    • dissociation of the clathrin coat from the vesicle will be carried out by a ATPase Hsc70 
    • disassembly of the clathrin coat will be carried out by the dephosphorylation of PIP2 by synaptojanin.
  5. Role of PIP2
    • recruits proteins involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis, such as dynamin and AP2, as well as AP180 and epsin
    • it also induces conformation changes in a bound protein, such as AP2, revealing binding sites
    • rapidly formed and destroyed
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