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  1. China imported gold and ivory from Africa
  2. The Mongols defeated China during the Song dynasty
  3. The Mongols used gunpowder-filled bamboo rockets to defeat walled towns
  4. The Chinese practiced ancestor worship
  5. The teachings of Confucianism are centered on human relationships
  6. Batu Khan led a Mongol army into eastern Europe and conquered Russia
  7. The Mongols worshipped a god named Tengri
  8. The Mongols defeated a combined army at the Battle of Liegnitz
  9. Chinggis Khans empire spread from China to Russia
  10. Early Chinese history dates back to the same period in which Moses was committed to
    lead Israel out of Egypt
  11. A bushi was a Japanese warrior
  12. The Mongols were brutal and everyone was terrified of them
  13. Confucian teaching encouraged family relationships
  14. Tamerlane persecuted Christians
  15. Taoism developed in China
  16. The merchant class was the lowest group in society
  17. The decline of a central government led to feudalism
  18. The first Chinese Dynasty was the Shang Dynasty
  19. The closing of trade routes from Europe to Asia led to the Age of Exploration
  20. Tamerlane focused on wealth rather than building an empire
  21. Mongols made no attempt to invade western Europe
  22. Chinggis Khan did not invade Japan successfully
  23. China developed large cities in the twelfth century.
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