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  1. hip bones are united via the:
    • sacroiliac joints
    • pubic symphysis in front
  2. the right bone is the fusion of:
    • ilium
    • ischium
    • pubis
  3. this is an area where many imp muscles attach to. it ends in front of the ASIS & in the rear @ the PSIS:
    Iliac crest
  4. an area where muscles attach to, also part of the hip bone we sit on:
    ischial tuberosity
  5. acetabulum is made up what type of cartilage?
  6. what is a structure that attaches to the pubic tubercle?
    inguinal ligament
  7. the head of the femur is wide and the neck is narrow. this allows the femur to move in what directions?
    wide directions in its horizontal and longitudinal axis
  8. what marks the insertion of the iliofemoral ligament (a major ligament of the hip joint)?
    the intertrochanteric line
  9. the sacrum is attached to the hip bone by the sacroiliac joint and by what 2 ligaments:
    • sacrospinus ligament
    • sacrotuberous ligament
  10. what ligament makes the floor of the sciatic foramen?
    Image Uploadsacrotuberous
  11. what ligament separates the greater/lesser sciatic foramen?
  12. what structure passes thru the greater sciatic foramen?
    sciatic nerve
  13. what structures pass thru a small opening in the superior aspect of the obturator foramen?
    obturator nerve and artery
  14. obturator membrane serves as attachment for what 2 muscles?
    obturator internus and externus
  15. the non-articular part of the acetabulum is called:
    acetabulum fossa
  16. around the edge of the bony acetabulum is a ring of fibrocartilage called:
    the acetabular labrum
  17. what does the labrum add to the acetabulum?
  18. the hip joint capsule in ___1.__ on the underside, everywhere else is ___2.__ and __3.___.
    • 1. thin
    • 2. thick
    • 3. strong
  19. posteriorly, the hip joint capsule is known as:
    ischio-femoral ligament
  20. anteriorly, the hip joint capsule is known as:
    ilio-femoral ligament
  21. what is the only ligament that stops the knee from coming out?
    ilio-femoral ligament
  22. posteriorly (ischio-femoral ligament), the capsule attaches to the:
  23. anteriorly (ilio-femoral ligament), the capsule is attached:
    along the intertrochanteric line
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