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  1. The way individuals in an organization uniquely and collectively think, feel, and act
  2. Visible organizational structures, processes, and languages
  3. The meanings that members of an organization attach to artifacts
    Beliefs and values
  4. A behavior that stemmed from a belief held by a group that is no longer visible, but has become deeply embedded in the organization
  5. The process of understanding how work gets done and how individuals should interact in an organization
  6. The desired end result of socialization whereby employees become committed to the organization and its goals
    Organizational commitment
  7. Cultures that form around geographic or organizational units in a company
  8. How work is accomplished in a firm
    Internal integration
  9. How environmental changes impact a firm's strategy
    External adaptation
  10. Pursuing a set of unique activities that provide value to customers' making trade offs about which businesses to pursue, what products to pursue
  11. More economic value than competitors by engaging in a strategy that is difficult for others to duplicate
    Competitive advantage
  12. The act of growing through unrelated diversification, essentially by acquiring companies in different industries
  13. An organizationally desired result, product, or end state
  14. A network of unique activities that strategically fit together and are difficult to replicate
    Core compitencies
  15. A concept or picture of what a firm wants to achieve and how it plans to accomplish that
  16. The activities a firm performs for its customers
  17. A statement that defines a firm's reason for existence
    Mission Statement
  18. Series of quantifiable milestones or benchmarks by which a firm can assess its process
  19. The process of identifying how a firm can best align its resources to carve out a defensible position in the market place
    Strategy formulaion
  20. Performing certain activities that enable a firm to operate more effectively than its competitors do
    Operational effectiveness
  21. The determination of how a company will compete in a given business and position itself among its competitors
    Business level strategy
  22. The way a company seeks to create value through the configuration and coordination of multimarket activities
    Corporate level strategy
  23. Strategies in which the parent company organizes local subsidiaries and gives them autonomy to develop products tailored to local tastes
    Mulinational strateges
  24. Strategies that focus on developing overall scale economies and global efficiency instead of catering to local tastes
    Global strategies
  25. Strategies that combine elements of multinational and global strategies by using foreign subsidiaries to produce and distribute products
    International strategies
  26. Strategies that balance a firm's international activities among efficiency, local responsiveness, and organizational learning
    Transnational strategy
  27. A structure where two firms come together to form a new company in a market
    Joint venture
  28. A structure where partners come together by contract to engage jointly in activities in a market
  29. A fully operational, independent entity that a firm sets up in a foreign country to conduct business in that market
    Wholly owned subsidiary
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