sociology chapter 5

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  1. What is the interactionist theory of Cooley and Looking glass self
    people veiw themselves as others view them.
  2. What is civil inattention
    is the process whereby individuals in the same physical setting demonstrate to one another that they are aware of each other's presence.
  3. Impression management
    preparing for the presentation of one's social role.

    ront stage/back stage
  4. ethnomethodology?
    is the study of how people make sense of what others say and do in the course of day-to-day social interaction. Ethnomethodology is concerned with the ethnomethods by which people sustain meaningful interchanges with one another
  5. What is conversation analysis?
    Is the empirical study of conversations, employing techniques drawn from ethnomethodology. Conversation analysis examines details of naturally occurring conversations to reveal the organizational principles of talk and its role in the production and reproduction of social order.
  6. Clock time
    thime as measured by the clock, in terms of hours, minutes, and second. Before the invention of clocks, time reckoning was vbased on events in the natural world, such as the rising and setting of the sun.
  7. Compulsion of proximity
    people's neeed to interact with others in their presence
  8. interactional vandalism
    the deliberate subversion of the tacit rules of conversation.
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